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Fairy Godmother Couture

If you ever wondered where your fairy Godmother shopped….

Here it is.

Meet Magnolia Pearl.

One step in and it was as though I had fallen fast asleep and landed in dream land.

It just had that special quality where you knew you were stepping into something amazing.

And if that didn’t sell me

 an amazing acoustic rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was playing.

I don’t even quite know what this is — I just know it was AMAZING!

So inspiring!

Piles and piles, baskets and baskets of unbelievable clothing.

Real cotton & burlap too?! C’mon!

And here you find the genius behind it all. Just amazing to meet Ms. Magnolia Pearl herself!

You just know this is going to go somewhere BIG one day and I want to be able to say

I knew them when they were at a little ole’ flea market in Round Top….LOL

So many beautiful people everywhere– my friend and I were a little embarassed after having

gawked at this red top beauty for too long. And just as sweet as can be!

Beautiful women  of all kinds just enjoying the

designer duds and whimsical atmosphere…just heavenly!

Yes, this is where my fairy Godmother shops without a doubt.