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Holy Royer-oly!

So after my fun visit with in Warrenton at the infamous Junk Gypsy tent

I mosied on over to see if I could get a whiff of Royer’s Round Top Cafe.

And after hearing Hank William’s Hey Good Lookin’ on a Victrola no less-

well I was in the MOOD for some good country flavor!

Last 2 visits I went on days they were closed so this time I was thrilled to

see there was now — Royer’s Pie Haven specializing in you guessed it— PIE!

Now I’m not a huge pie person but I don’t mind a slice now and then if I’m in the mood.

A nice little lady by the road said to look for a big ole’ oak tree….

So I see the tree and the cutest quaint little shop you’ve ever seen.

Straight out of Better Homes & Gardens I tell ya!

The menu! WOW! no wonder they needed a whole separate place for this!

And just the sweetest gals serving it up too.

After too much shopping and some tired feet – we decided it would be better enjoyed at home.

So we got a couple pies to go.

I’ve decided that they must have little chubby cherubs mixing

 pixie dust and other magical things into that dough because

hunny-child their pie is truly not of this world!

It is not possible to find a better concoction of a

butter/pecan/whatever ratio in this universe.

 So tell your grandma she can go on that loong cruise she’s

had a hankerin’ for — b/c the pie for Thanksgiving is covered this year!