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JG or *Bust*

 What is it about those Junk Gypsies that draws so many and myself in?

They totally got me hooked after last Spring’s VISIT — oooh lala is right!

Is it the way they can pull off styling strands of pearls next to a an old truck?

Or maybe it’s the way they make me want to get a big ole star and put it in my bedroom.

It’s Grand Ole’ Opry meets Anthropologie and an uncanny sense of bringing amazing art  in the form of

jewelry, clothing, and stuff you want to put around your home….

More than anything – I think it’s the way they bring us back to

“Hell on Wheels”/ Thelma & Louise mentalities to get us through the “everyday”

and remind us how NOT to take life so seriously.

Walk around Round Top and abroad and you will see the power of the Junk Gypsy in full effect.

No they didn’t invent the concept of junk but they have redefined how fabulous it can be!

Which would probably explain why some wise person with obvious great taste at HGTV

noticed all they’ve been doing to make the world a more fun and fanciful place.

Ok so i went a little overboard on the jewelry pics– don’t judge– just go buy some.

And buy lots!