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Abby’s Gift

Several months back I had the honor of accepting an assignment for

a feature story in Cy-Fair Magazine.

The article was about a very special family in the Cypress area who

have taken a very woeful life experience and turned it into a celebration of compassion and love.

From the time Melinda Gordon and I emailed each other to set

up our session- I felt an instant connection.

Melinda’s daughter Abby was born with a condition known as

Edward’s Syndrome or Trisomy 18.

Heartbreakingly so, Edward’s Syndrome has a fatal chromosomal defect.

When I first learned of Abby’s story — I didn’t have to do any research.

Because when I was pregnant with my son, I received a call

explaining me that he had a high probability

of having Trisomy 18 b/c of an elevated AFP test.

Being my 1st and only child, I was devastated.

I remember the day very clearly because it was the first time I’d

felt my heart break in half.

Like Melinda, no matter the outcome,

we chose to continue with our pregnancy and celebrate the

cherished life we were blessed with.

In the end my son was born healthy but I’ll never forget what I went through just

with the possibility of having the life-threatening diagnosis.

 The Gordon’s tell their brave and inspirational story on Melinda’s blog:

Abby’s Gift: Abby’s story of Trisomy 18

It is thoughtfully written by a mother who shares both her joy and grief

while taking through the journey of Abby’s short but wonderful life.

Anyone would agree that in itself is a remarkable feat of courage–

to share and provide comfort

those who are going through the same plight.

But Melinda, being the loving mother she is, took Abby’s experience in

a positive direction and gave her sweet baby’s memory life by initiating

Abby’s Gift

Abby’s Gift is an organization

that provides comfort to those who are in the midst

of what is surely the most devastating time of their lives— losing a child.


Here is an excerpt taken from Melinda’s blog about

the inspiration behind the organization:

When she
was in the neonatal intensive care, 
the nurses placed a quilted 
blanket and teddy bear on her isolette. 
The purpose of the blanket was not for warmth,
but a simple yet powerful gesture of love.
It meant so much to us that when we heard
that the church making the blankets had stopped,  
we quickly volunteered.
We can’t imagine other families with sweet,
sick little babies not receiving a blanket,
whether it be the rememberance of a time 
when they overcame all odds,
or as a cherished keepsake for the
family after the death of their child.
You wouldn’t think such a small gesture
could make such a large impact,but it does.
It did to us.

Abby’s Gift provides

“better or more appropriate home health equipment,

support for other siblings losing their brother or sister,

financial resources so the family can stay home together during

the final moments of their child’s life,

and the financial resources to help

with the overwhelming funeral and burial expenses.”

Beautiful baby girl Abby’s picture with blankets that will provide love

and snuggles to others in their time of need.

Such an unselfish and giving heart this family has.

It was wonderful to meet such amazing people.

The mementos that adorn each family member daily were so touching.

We almost made it through the whole session without tears but

celebrating such a special little baby’s life…

tears were well spent as a tribute to the preciousness of

this amazing soul and her family’s love for her.

I was so touched by this mother’s strength of turning an unfathomable loss into

a legacy of love in her daughter’s name.

I hope you are moved by this family’s enduring strength.

Please visit Abby’s Gift  to learn more about donating precious

gifts of comfort and helping families through the

most difficult times of their lives.