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Ambassadors of Good Junk Everywhere

It makes me soooo happy to be able to share this

work of art with all my “SISTAs” who haven’t been able to make it here — YET!

And so with much happiness I bring you the

unofficial *official* ambassadors of good junk —  Junk Gypsy!!!

My 3rd time to shoot their ridiculously chic booth and I tell ya- it just gets more and more fun each time.

Especially b/c I got to stay and visit a while with Amie & Jolie.

JG Spring 2011

JG Fall 2011

So I asked Jolie–  what is it in — the water — the air— the dirt —

here that makes so many talented & special people come together and not want to leave?

That makes people gather up a group of girls and take a road trip? Makes people just so dang happy?

The wise Jolie said that there is definitely a silent force involved somewhere that makes people

come and never look back. True Luckenbach, Texas stories.

Well I know one reason…take the Junk Gypsy tent…

Remember the 1st time you saw Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory?

It’s kind of like that but in a Mayberry zip code.

Yes it’s pretty much the highlight of my day to walk in the JG tent.

Like you’re visiting your crazy cool cousins and they have so many neato toys to play with!

…glittered letters, Moroccan lanterns, rusty birdcages, retro chic mannequin,

dream catchers, turquoise galore, bejeweled Buddhas, best boots,

a mirrored ram, best jewelry anywhere,  and on and on…

OH and keep in mind that not only are they their own personal shoppers for all of these treasured finds—

um they have a reality show on HGTV, are building a huge JG store, have online commerce, oh and raising fab families too!

AND  how gorgeous do they look doing it?!!

I mean really, everyone else was sweaty, red, sticky, stinky

while these girls were picture ready and gawwgeous! No wonder they’re movie stars 🙂

All of that and they still make the time to meet and greet

babies to grannies who make their way in.

I’m so thrilled to know you Jolie & Amie and I thank you for sharing

your  one of a kind imaginations and talent with the world!

Buddha doesn’t quite feel himself without a crown.

Moroccan bling

Like being in a fancy Art Gallery

They make still life compositions so easy.

Amie asked me what my fav part of the tent was and after saying 3-4 set ups I

committed to this. How can you not love a manny with with “only angels have wings” on her thigh?

I don’t know how I will ever be able to forgive myself for not buying the glittered ram. It will haunt me I’m sure.


Even the littlest gypsy has to stop and notice the eye candy.

Look at the widdle pout! BABY GYPSIES are the BEST! You can just hear the lady on the left saying, “AWWWW”

Another regret I’ll have to live with…those WINGS!

A knight with wings….i can’t make this stuff up folks

feast de resistance or at least one of them. Who know I could love ships so much?!

Even Mary has bling

if you ever wanted to know what my dreams are made of…glitter letters just about covers that!

Oh Archie – you make my heart pitter patter in your fine head dress and smile! Truly they spoil me.

Conversation between and Indian princess and a cherub. The angel talked me into getting that necklace btw 😛

Wonder if the Indians knew how chic they were?!

Turquoise Longhorn with glitter and decoupage. Fits in perfect in Gypsyville!

yep. Texas is pretty happy.

They put the men to work in this tent– buddha and indian joe are in charge of showing you the jewels.

Can you imagine the DNA in there?! Ha! Jolie and I discovered that we were both previously

middle school science teachers!

Had to laugh– a sweet granny passed by right as we were doing some impromptu pics

and said, “Honey, ya’ll got any more of those Junk Gypsy shirts?” hahhaha!

Well that concludes your tour of the bestest junkiest place ever!

Can’t thank you girls enough for being who you are and doing it so effortlessly.

You’ve taught this overly scheduled, organized, perfectionist  how to go

with the flow and not take it all so serious.

And that my friends is priceless.

Till next time! xoxo