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Field of Dreams

Somewhere in your top 10 memories there is a dirt road and an old house.

I’m pretty sure of that.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that I love Round Top so.

So many wonderful things happen at the end of a dirt road.

Case in point — Marburger Farms.

Last year I visited Marburger Farms and knew that it would be on my

growing list of MUST visits during Antiques Week.

Here’s how Round Top is set up.

Basically you have a long stretch of highway lined with  fields of flea market heaven.

Just when you think — ok I must be here — you come along another stretch

of untold treasures are chunked together in fields, barns, tents…..

Treasures of the best vintage stuff or as some affectionately say —

the best JUNK that you’ve every seen in your life.

Marburger Farms is a huge property with a slew of vintage barns and large LARGE tents.

But here’s what makes Marburger stand out for me.

Whether you visit either season- Fall Show or

Spring Show one thing is certain.

You will not be disappointed.

You are guaranteed to spend most of your day

ooohing and ahhhing over everything you’ve always wanted

and even those that you never knew you did.

And just when you think you have seen it all and are ready to rest your aching feet….

something else you couldn’t have imagined or wanted more pops up.

It’s clean, it’s organized, it’s even divided into genres to make for easy shopping.

Which brings me to the vendors.

The vendors are amazing.

They treck from literally all over the US and bring their eclectic array of

fabulous vintage finds for special you and me.

It’s not just a bunch of filler either.

There’s an obvious, artful purpose in the collection of treasures

weeded down to only the best of the best for the majority of these wonderful artists.

I have such admiration for them.

You know how people TALK about dreams and travel and love

of antiques, yada yada yada?

Well these people are LIVING THEIR BUCKET LIST

and yours and mine too.

They don’t just get off with, “oh next year….next time….”

No they live and breath this as a lifestyle folks.

Brining those special pieces that complete your dream home.

Maybe that’s why it’s become such an art form.

Maybe it’s just the passion.

Maybe it’s b/c they have converted me into a more carefree hippee. HA!

I don’t know.

But I do know I love photographing as much as I can and sharing their

fascinating finds with the world.

I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning but I will be back in the coming days

to add vendor names and sites (where possible).

In the mean time, go grab a cup of coffee and a vanilla scone

and prepare to be amazed!

Can you believe that is a copper patina

on the sculpted piece on the right?! 

Possibly my new favorite art…so clean and yet so bold and ecclectic by Dolan Geiman

Pretty sure I could design a whole room around that USA plaque! Check out their blog— so neat!

Perfect for your rock-in-roll daughter’s room. Can you imagine!?

King’s Daughters

so colorful and bright- it’s easy to see how this exhibit/booth caught my eye.

That and this booth just gave me a “good feeling”. Also notable is

how each painting comes with a message that describes the feeling behind the art.

A booth that I must visit in any city I go “junkin”.

This is Monsoon Imports out of Austin.

They always seem to have the perfect “chippy” this and that  I love.

Amen Jesus!

That bowl would make quite conversation piece.

The robin’s egg blue panel on the right– to die for!

Probably one of the most pinned from my visit last year onto Pinterest–

House Wren is always cutting edge mix of industrial, vintage, and garden.

How about using that robot in a sweet little boy’s room?!

Who would have thought you could repurpose a blade thigamabob like this!?

I could totally see that on my game room ceiling.

I don’t know how I will forgive myself for not getting that wagon

Perfect for a newborn shoot! AHHHH!

Sweet Pea Home

Gorgeous booth with so many fanciful goodies.

I love all the layered quiet creams and greens there.

The metal green cabinet — swoooon!

My friend Sarah who usually accompanies me to Marburger

loves this booth so.

Georgia Morel Antiques

is a master at finding the perfect accompaniment

of rust, texture, &  color– all high-lighted

with fresh road side wildflowers from Texas.

Here is J Hill Designs

a booth with and extraordinary vintage garden overtone—

My favorite were the terracotta pots in cloches on wood bases.

Once again– i don’t know how I will live with myself for not getting those!!!

Imagine the Spring table I could have set with these!

No trip to Marburger would be considered complete

without wisping by Magnolia Pearl as I learned first hand last year.

Robin turns everyday girls in to real live  fairies dressed in flowy, dreamy white dresses

Walk anywhere through Round Top and you will see

many beautiful women wearing her one of a kind designs.

Love the doll and love the coin purse next to her.

A local girl — meet Judith McClellan and her son  Darrel Davenport.

They specialize in European vintage antiques that are always so unique

and yet another booth that never disappoints.

Love how they implemented the trees growing under the tent

into a vignette worthy of Mother Mary.

It truly left me awe-struck.

You can find them at Antiques & Linens.

I apologize for any booths not named– if you are the owner of

such a booth photo’d or recognize an unmamed booth here–


with the info and I will happily add it.

Thanks for coming along with me on my Round Top Experience!

Till next year!