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Raw Luxury

Carol Hicks Bolton was our “star of the show”

at the Round Top Antiques Week  blogger’s luncheon

held my favorite cafe on earth– Royer’s Cafe.

To hear Carol speak about her design theology is to witness

an artist’s passion at it’s best.

I consider what she and so many others do for the antique market an art.

No longer is it enough for sellers to sprawl their goods onto

an empty lot and sell.

Today’s designers have taken the styling of their antiques

to a whole new level of sophistication.

Now when you visit a “flea market” you feel as though you are browsing

through an eclectic mix of revered art from every period and style known—

and even some that haven’t been discovered.

As is the case of Carol’s finds.

Carol’s Laboratoire de Design

owned by Tim & Carol Bolton based in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Hearing Carol speak about  here approach to design —

like choosing pieces to design her own home or

those to sell at her storefront –was very inspiring.

She talked about implementing meaningful artifacts

that have a history that you connect too.

Making memories out of design.

Luxury not in traditional, opulent surroundings and effects

but instead in mementos and art  that celebrate your life.

She referred to her style as “raw luxury”.

I absolutely adore this mantra.

Carol’s well- formed design approach is admirable

but to see it embodied in let’s say her booth at Marburger Farms —

well it’s a very enlightening experience.

Her ideas came to life as I passed through and viewed exactly what she meant.

Doll clothes hanging with tape on leather mounts,

book bindings grouped together with other artifacts,

even a beautiful rustic turbine added to a vignette all create

a setting entertaining enough  to stand in a museum and

yet comfortable enough to enjoy in every day life.

Carol was nice enough to stop and pose for the quick minute

as I passed through her booth.

So down to earth and modest,

Carol is truly a magnificent visionary.

I can’t wait to visit her in Fredericksburg!

Until then you can see her unbelievable shop via

Fiona & Twigg

with captivating photos by the amazing Anne Lorys.