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dreamers lovers & troubadours


Could this place be the refuge of the last dreamers,

the last lovers, the last troubadours?

— Martha Bassene 1909

 Words nevermore perfect to give

you a sense of what Junk Gypsy is all about.

I found this quote tucked into a perfect

shabby mirrored shelf hung in

another one of  Junk Gypsy’s fabulous projects.

Not just any project— this is an airstream that

 just so happens to belong to

highly acclaimed country music singer Dierks Bentley!

For an episode on HGTV, Jolie, Amie, & the family

 took a vintage airstream in not-so glamorous condition

and transformed it into an amazing work of art and heart.

They kinda know a thing or 2 or 3 about

airstreams…remember Miranda’s?

The results were awe-inspiring.

The girls drillin it up Charlie’s Angels style!

When you think about it– it all really makes sense to hand

over the keys to this lost & found treasure in need of  much TLC to Jolie & Amie.

Especially because Junk Gypsy really is the perfect answer

to anything vintage craving creativity, heart, &  soul.

“Cerrito”, as the girls affectionately  called Dierk’s airstream,

was much in need of this.

Why Cerrito?

Well, Cerrito translates to little hills and

since he’ll be parking it “Up on the Ridge“….it just made sense.

Picture this….I drive up to Gypsyville — OMG amazing that is too–

get out with my gear and what do  you think I hear as aI approach the airstream?

Waylon Jennings, Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys

on VINYL no less! PRICELESS.

Yes vinyl records… dominoes, rust  and Lone Star beer.

The stuff legends are made of.

So here it is!

Stenciled floor and ceiling, canvas fringed out curtains,

Americana swags, suede tufted sofa, 8 track player…

Perfect tidings for a country music star

to relax with the family by a lake

or kick back and have some campfire fun with friends under the stars.

And it’s not like you can just run out

and buy most of what you see here.

The perfect balance of color in every detail is not a coincidence.

So many personal  affects yet still roomy enough to feel comfy cozy,

gives the trailer an amazing feel of hominess and all while still staying in the lines

of where  you’d expect a cool cowboy to take his boots off on the road.

With roots in Arizona, some Southwestern flair

to make Dierks and family feel at home was in order.

License plate chandelier  for the wanderlust in  all of us.

Rolling crate coffee table perfect for storage and

moving out of the way when a sudden dance off or song breaks out.

Country music and Rock and Roll inspiration.

With limited space in an airstream,

the choosing and placement of little details is crucial!

More music inspiration.

Old tunes just sound different on an 8 track.

Talk about nostalgia!

To hear all those Dierk’s Bentley hits while traveling through the states.

Inspiration for Dierks,  a big U2 fan.

Another gypsy mantra.

The girls showing us how to put our boots up and let our hair down.

A banjo lighting fixture secured beautifully on the ceiling.

Onto the kitchenette.

To think these were once church pews!

Hallelujah sista!!

Now cut in half, custom fitted,

and adorned with a guitar and

Virgin of Guadalupe luminescence…

what stroke of gypsy genius!

Can I hear an amen?!

If that wasn’t enough– check out

those piano pedal feet on the table!

No lack of shellac here baby!

Vintage posters prints of inspiring

country masters of the universe…

Patsy, Hank and more covered with

poly, poly, and more poly!

Whisk beater lighting fixture.

Collection of vintage matches make for fun stories on the road.

but let’s be honest– who’s looking at the matches when

Amie has on such gorgeous bracelets?!

Locally found vintage hand carved doors.

You can find these coffee mugs here– so fun!

Head light accents.

Have drill will travel!

You can see how they made this once motorcycle part into

a light sconce here for this bike lover!

Buffet turned stove, sink and prep area.

All beautified with the talented hand of

Tara Royer and her FONT-LIKE handwriting!

This piece has all the more meaning with

lyrics to “Up on the Ridge” by Dierks.

So after all that living and listening to tunes

in the living room,

cookin in the kitchen,

one might be so inclined to take a nap.

Let’s get a first look at the bedroom!

This part of the trailer wasn’t featured on the original airing

(come on folks it’s a half hour show!)

the pattern on this “can light” gives off a beautiful perfect glow.

Perfect attention to detail

of the Southwestern variety,

with wanderlust navigation,

and legendary music

all arranged with southern bluegrass blue walls

make this bedroom on the road a dreamy haven for the weary.

Guitars and fiddles tools of the master.

Pretty amazing to imagine Dierks grabbing one off the wall

and to spontaneously sing  “Feel that Fire”…

I know Hoda & Kathie Lee would love it (see video above).

 Finally we finish things off

with a tiny peek inside of the royal throne.

Hate to admit it but my photo skills do not

do this laundry bag justice.

 GORGEOUS thick canvas and print

you may actually look forward to doing a load.

Nice vintage cabinet door and pop of red to

give the small space

a punch of whimsy and a kick of color.

 i may never get to actually meet Dierks Bentley

but I can say I’ve been in his bathroom! LOL

The Pheonix.

A symbol of rebirth and transformation — perfect for this

truly incredible project done by Junk Gypsy Co.

Also perfect because it is said

that the pheonix’s cry is that of a beautiful song ~

like so much of Dierks Bentely’s music.

Edited to add–

looking at this I thought this was a pheonix but it

is actually a THUNDERBIRD!

Amie tells me this Native American symbol translates to

“sacred bearer of eternal happiness”

 and  it was chosen because Dierks

is very connected to spirituality, peace,

and the love he has for his family.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Dierks’ home on the road.

Hopefully your able to walk straight and  your  head isn’t spinning

after all that inspiring eye candy!

Be sure to tune in to HGTV at 8:30 p/e  tomorrow

October 24th to see the re-airing of this episode and

all the Junk Gypsy magic that went into it!

Photo courtesy of Junk Gypsy Co.

The big reveal!

Jolie Sikes, Dierks Bentley, & Amie Sikes

Photo credit Sarah Wilson

Used with permission by HGTV

You girls are total awesomeness

and I stand in awe with the rest of the world of your talent!