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Small Moments Big Stuff

So life in the country.

I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a minute

sharing a little behind the scenes sweetness.

While recently shooting Dierks Bentley’s airstream

fully loaded and hillbilly tricked out by yours and my

favorite gypsies — JUNK GYPSY

I witnessed the most precious moment I thought I’d share

to give you an insight as to just 1 of the million reasons

I adore these girls….

 So we’re shooting some

Charlie’s Angels-meets-Makita fabulousness

when all of a sudden along a dirt road drives in

Jolie’s hubby, t-smitty,

driving up  after picking their son,

Cash Baker up from school.

Next thing you know-

the window rolled down and

the world stopped.

Out pops a gilded trophy with the words “1st PLACE” on it.

Only 1st grade and CB won an art contest at his school!

The mama in me wanted to take the moment in with an AWEEE  but

the photographer in me said — SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!

So glad I was in the right place/right time to

catch a couple shots of a little moment in time of

mom & son and family

rejoicing in the victory of the day.

This is Jolie shouting—



T.Smitty with a proud papa grin.

Yes by day, she’s Mrs. JG but in a moments notice and her baby’s smile…

back to mom with all the pride a heart can swell without bursting.

Just look at what it means to make mama proud with that little sweet face!

Now that we got some *mama love*  back to looking cool.

This is YOUR moment Cash Baker!

Enjoy every bit of it!

Aunt Amie, cousin Indie, and doting Grandparents on

hand for extra cheers and hugs and high fives.


DJ Indie, setting the tone for our shoot with some Dierks tunes.

And sharing some junior JG love.

Gotta love a girl who knows her jewelry!

Mama raised you right 🙂

Rust and bling, baubles and bits are spectacular when they’ve

been “gypsyfied”

but at the end of the day

I just love how these girls love their babies.

So that’s it…

just a small snapshot into the small moments

that make up the really big stuff.

But isn’t that what makes life wonderful?