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The Restoration of America vol I

Maybe it’s the politics in the air

or maybe the inspiration at Marburger but

I thought the title “the Restoration of America”

was truly fitting this time around.

People from all walks of life,

all corners of the world,

all with one vision in common.

Seeing new life in old relics.

Scissors and lightbulbs from 50 years ago …easily tossed away,

bodyforms tattered by moths and time,

fragmented frames and spoons lost of luster…


Thankfully there are those of us who see life’s

work, blood, sweat and tears in those lost and found pieces

of history.

Pieces of Americana and abroad.

Marburger, a flea market and a microcosm

of all that makes America wonderful…

First stop,  Theresa Cano and her husband Cruz Cano

of Garden Antiques

Amazing displays of everything right in the world….

Like a museum but better.

Inpsiration… Raffia on a vintage dressform.

Brilliant and beautiful.

House of Wren

I fear that I don’t do this beautiful booth justice.

Even though I was there shortly

their booth is so popular that it is not long after opening that

it is thoroughly shopped through.

Still amazing by any means…


Perfect accessory for this “vintage soul” of mine.

Willow Nest

another treasured stop.

Famous for their doves and birdcages…

this booth is takes on a different

place and time with pink sparkles, shiny silvers, and white doves.

You can definitely see why this is a memorable stop at

Marburger and Urban Market.

Oh Mother Mary

So much more to come…

look for more next post!