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why dream ordinary


so I’ve been keeping a secret but the cat is out of the bag so i can finally say SOMETHING…

the reason ive had to turn down many shoots over the past couple months is bc i’ve been working on a project. a B I G project. my favorite gypsies in the world have landed an amazing book deal with simon & schuster and yours truly is shooting it! well more like i’ve shot it (we’re almost done with my part). i’ve tried not really thinking about the grand momentousness of this feat just so i could get through it. just the thought of it makes a lump in my throat. They are amazing people these 2 — Amie & Jolie. The whole family is…truly a work of heart what they do. beauty, relentless creativity, and dirt (and glitter) under their nails to make it happen…they live, breath, ache, and bleed fire for the success they have had… so for them to think i could handle being part of this…i get choked up when i even begin to think about it. gosh, just the time i’ve spent with these people…it’s seeing magic happen right before my eyes and that is something that i will treasure forever and ever.  it’s going to be an amazing amazing crazy good -did i mention- AMAZING book that you and i will be proud to have in your library of dreaminess. i can hardly wait.


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