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if boots, grit, texas gals, sequins and fringe are your thing

stop RIGHT there and take a seat.

maybe grab a cup of coffee or a margarita if that’s how your roll.

you are about to take a pretty spectacular tour

of what a photo shoot looks…gorgeous boots, fab models, and super team included.

sequins… glitter of the fabric world.

are you sparkling, are you shimmery…it doesn’t matter.

you’re glowing and i love it.

this was a very small small sampling of the jewelry options in not 1

but 2 rooms we had available for our shoot.

imagine the possibilities.really glad i had no part in the choices.

it would have devastated me to have this many options.

these guys.

cameron gott & brandon augilar.

you must go and find them and follow them.

they are MAGNIFICENT videographers and just generally behind a camera.

they have a very natural and creative take on things.

it’s hard to believe they were shooting the same material i was shooting really.

and yet i don’t have them walking through 1 frame.

how did they do that?!

shooting on behalf of Lane Boots was Sam Franks/Texas Star Digital

 who i never quite got a photo of b/c he was usually busy

shooting boots somewhere else simultaneously.

 the boots arrived as the girls were getting ready.

brand spankin new front the manufacturer and smelling of new glorious leather.

let’s look at this pic and take roll.

we had lane boots executives to tell us what they needed product wise,

2 assistants to move heavy stuff and carry drills and hammers around

ready to move anything our little hearts desired,

mama gypsy helping out with wardrobe,

a FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC make up pro (Andrea Schutter),

2 videographers,

2 photographers (including me),

junk gypsy staff

and of course 2 junk gypsies.

what photography looks like if you were in

H E A V E N.

andrea schutter riebeling on glam duty.

such a professional! got in and out like a make-up ninja doing

her thing and leaving no trace behind. wonderful!


boots and turquoise

don’t those soles just make you giddy?

on to location 2.

 daddy gypsy and one fabulous red vintage truck provided by Daniel Rebling.


i’ve only DREAMED of doing something like this with amie & jolie.

you may be surprised to know that EVERY single time we’ve had a shoot

it’s been in the middle of antiques week, unscripted, unplanned.

it’s amazing we’ve been able to do.

but here today, we had make up, vintage stuff,

superb lighting, fancy clothes…the works.

i wish i could tell you the story

behind this road but there aint that much popcorn in the world.

made for good times.

but we forged on and we got-et-done.

how fab to have beautiful staff to be stand-ins between takes.

Day 2: the models.


WONDERFUL Archie (i could go on but you’d prob rather see the pics).

This girl. a rockstar in her own right.

giving junk gypsy all that flavor all these years with her smolder & blue steel (zoolander) .

more touch ups and tweaking

the naturalness of this is everything.

enter Riley Fowler, daughter or Kevin Fowler, and future super model.

prepare yourself…this bombshell was 14 when we shot this.

yes 14 and a wealth of natural talent and beauty.

it’ll be fun to say “i knew her when…”

APRIL-PIZANA-PHOTOGRAPHY-58and the boots…can’t forget about the boots y’all!


new spot, new details to primp.

love how completely different this is.

glamping at it’s best.


imagine having 2 guys who are standing around just

in case you say….”i’d like to shoot over here– can you move that sofa over here?”

dreams come true y’all.

lip gloss and hair check

stopped to do a product shot here and there bc they were so yummy.

boots and more boots

vintage prom dresses and rusty trucks

that smile

not a boot shot but how could i resist.

dad checking on his baby girl

this should be the official postcard of texas

gotta stop for social media/periscope

like poetry

yet another location.

gypsies meet at gilleys?

these 2 awesome dudes ready for anything.

cotton-eye joe anyone?

walking with archie out to get a couple shots when i saw this in the doorway.

gotta love a girl who doesn’t get rattled when someone randomly yells, “STOPPP DON’T MOVE!”

took riley off to the side and continued to watch her

rock more boots.

last location of the day.

i’ll call this one “the farmer’s daughters”

archie in that dress..can you even?

riley with those braids? YES!

help from the littlest gypsy

Lane Boots execs there to make sure we all behave 🙂

love the originality of this

a little american gothic yo

and last but not least….

biker chick chic

again. 14. who can rock a shot like this at 14?

may be why they call them “super models”?

Cash Baker…future photographer

what bad assery looks like.

inspirational, exciting, and super cool shoot to work on with Lane Boots!

wishing ya’ll lots of success with your boot line Amie & Jolie!