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catch em’ all

i’m an ‘over the top’ kind of mom.


and i don’t feel bad about that not one bit.

hubby is an enabler so that doesn’t help.

but in a world filled with chaos and fighting and just plain ugliness

every day in the media and even real life…

i choose to make make my child’s life a bright spot.

a giant ball of flaming, hot bright spot in the sky.

he works for it.

he started 6th grade this year and he is ROCKING it!

still straight a’s.


just a GOOD kid all around.

keeping up with all his responsibilities.

so excuse my mama brag,

but i think he just deserves it.

so the story begins here.

he came home from school on friday

to a big surprise in the yard from his grandparents.

no time for ooh’ing and ahhhing….there’s a party to go to!

Truly an awesome way to make your kid feel special!

 Kim at Cypress Yard Signs made this a very easy task.

I highly recommend it!

hubby says the time has come for me to stop with the cutesy party stuff.

and to that i say….


sorry it’s just how i tick hun.

and in my defense-  this was a much lower level of

cutesy than previous years (eye roll)…

i mean i didn’t even really make anything hand make anything this year.

i should get credit for that.

ok i made ONE thing- but i don’t think it really counts b/c

it was just a piece of tape in the middle and a string and a tag i printed.

surely, that does not count as crafty (candy tubes from amazon 12 for $10).

for the bags….just a print out of a pikachu outline on yellow paper

and then matted on black card stock.

i didn’t even measure anything so it doesn’t count either

(even if they were super cute).


FINE maybe 2 things….

it’s just a wreath though…

a really really cute wreath that made me happy 🙂

so it shouldn’t count either.

i mean it’s technically home decore that i happened to hang during his party.

to make:

duck tape around a foam wreath (smaller the better)

got some foam balls from hobby lobby,

put on a couple episodes of housewives and painted half of each ball red (didn’t even measure).

put a piece of duck tape around each ball,

inserted toothpick on each one and plugged those bad boys into a foam wreath.

printed a pikachu outline on yellow paper and colored in a couple thingamajigs on pikachu’s face.

glued onto a foam core board laying around the garage…

made a duck tape bow to hang it from.

BOOM! instant pokeball joy.

could’ve added a couple more balls to make it more full but

it’s not like I’m OCD or anything.

then came the big surprise of the night….

hummer limo to go pokemon go hunting with 9 fab friends around town.

a little over the top. sue me.

piled in and got going.

kids were pretty stoked!

the cutest girls eva!

hubby drove to meet us at the restaurant we were headed to.

he saw us on the highway.

gotta take time to DAB ya know

so part of maceo’s night was to take his friends to his favorite spots.

First stop LUNA PIZZA

also know as the best pizza in metro houston and surrounding counties.

we were SOOOO lucky….

we have been frequenting the location on Kirby for 2 or so years

but they happened to open a 2nd location recently at Yale/I-10

which is a bit closer.

They are having a soft opening so we had the place to ourselves!

just love how they have fun stuff to sit around and do

while you wait.

Which we didn’t have to wait long b/c the management took very good care of us

having our pizza hot and cheesy when we got there.

YOU MUST GO to have their pizza and their house salad.

Anyone i’ve taken there raves and will drive from Cypress to Kirby— um that’s says a lot

for Houston standards.

Thank you LUNA PIZZA!

the toppings…soooo good!

had such a good idea….

kids had their phones like to take selfies right?

so why not make it fun? At the beginning of our fun, i had them all text me their names

and told them the person with the best selfie with maceo would win a prize (a pokemon hat).

ummm….they took some fabulous shots!

The girls received a special prize so we decided they would vote on the winner.

they did an insanely cute job!

Onto our next stop….

Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston.

lots and lots of pokestops.

they did an amazing job of staying together and not stressing me!

and they obliged me several photo ops….

how fun would it be to redo this shot in 20 years?


don’t we have some of the cutest friends?

mace’s known this sweetie since kindergarten.

and these guys…so cool!

working on their selfie contest submissions.


some of these kids are seriously talented…

this sweet girl….um please don’t take my job!

this is the shot she was getting…

more awesome friends

so this random pic…maceo passed these guys and told them

“they didn’t look real”.

they thought he was hilarious but it was true! they just didn’t look real for some reason.

they were really cool letting me take a pic.

back to the limo shenanigans

way too much fun

partying like rockstars

after a sweaty humid trek at the park, it was time for some dessert

at maceo’s fav ice cream shop SWEET CUPS on Montrose.

i’m telling you…..this is truly the best ice cream we’ve had anywhere.

and mind you– i make my own homemade ice cream so I’m kinda a ice cream snob.

the flavors are crazy original and they include gelato, custard, and sorbet…

out of this world flavor combos…

blueberry marscapone, zambioni (? wine- yes WINE ice cream),

rose petal, olive oil and pepper, tiramisu, Malai Kulfi, whiskey butter….changes daily.

very happy customers.

the choice process here is intense.

good times

like could they not be an ad for this place? cuties!

we had the limo service for FIVE – yes FIVE hours.

we could’ve done a little more poke-hunting but we decided to head back

and have some non-phone time.

this boy smiled like this all night.

maceo loves studying about cultures

and he recently discovered an african birthday game called “pass the parcel”.

we found a more common, somewhat related idea with the seran-wrap party ball.

talk about fun!

basically you put a big prize in the middle and then continue to wrap a thousand layers of seran wrap

around and around, tucking prizes, gag gifts, candy, etc…in each layer.

1 player starts unraveling the ball while the next player rolls dice.

when doubles are rolled — that player is passed the party ball and begins unraveling until

the NEXT player rolls a double.

we had everything from flavored chopsticks, stickers, bouncy balls,

fake dog poop, mcdonald’s happy meal fair, and a grand prize of $20.

the kids loved it!

 ended this cool, fun night in presents.

maceo is so blessed to have such generous and thoughtful friends.

in 6th grade they’re embarking on different paths,

making new friends, finding their way to become who they’ll become.

but for just 1 more birthday we’re holding onto hold on to a few more minutes

of childhood and making memories with friends.