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muchy muchness

once up on a time there was a


muchy muchness

girl named Addie.

doesn’t that just sound like a perfect fairy tale?

it does and it is and she is.

months ago, Addie’s mom, Melanie Luttrell and i talked

about birthdays and my obsession love  for birthdays after a shoot we did.

i showed her a photo

of a darling daddy/daughter tea party from way back when…

i maybe begged suggested a mad hatter tea party

all shades of dreaminess went off in our heads!

months later she made it happen and

i couldn’t have asked for a more magical day to be part of.

our shoot landed on addie’s actual birthday AND her actual birthday party!

you know that is really hard to make happen…

so the set up…

a miss mash of

some of my own vintage fair coupled with some of melanie’s

abundant array of vintage goodies,

 coupled with about 12 dozen flowers she picked up  for our shoot/party all

made for a perfect muchy muchness mad hatter tea party.

melanie and i are kindred spirits….

our visions just came together in such a whimsical way….

on my end for the shoot and on her end for the party planning.

we really didn’t have a lot of convo’s about this and yet

it all meshed together seamlessly!

we speak the same vintage language you could say.

ever in need of an instant table? turn a big basket upside down!

i mean sure – i had to empty the 148 toys inside but totally worth it.

took this just a tad early b/c we added more and more stuff.

but i was in a mad rush to make sure i got SOMETHING

before Miss Addie’s tea party guests arrived.

such a darling set up!

I love that we did this on their front porch.

it was raining off and on so it made sense to move it but i also just think it made

for a sweet memory.

and then there was this.

Marcus Luttrell – American hereo bad ass–

playing the role of the Mad Hatter.

does it get any better?

i was thrilled that he agreed to play dress up with us

but then he went and exceeded all my expectations.

It was a real treat for Addie to see her daddy dressed up and play tea party with her.

can i get an amen for the tough daddys out there who are willing to

put on a hat with pink ribbon and 2 ties to play tea party with their little girls?



this right here was my dream come true.

i so wanted for addie to have adorable moments frozen in time forever

of just how deep her daddy’s love runs for her.

and though i know there’s probably like 88k of these already…these dress up

ones will be among the ones that she will not be able to contain her smile looking at.

and the cutest sweetest family guests…

onto the party!

the tea cups, and candelabras, roses, candy, breakables…

hard to believe this was a party for a 4 year old.

and yet not 1 petal ruffled, not one glass shattered…such good boys and girls.

while all the details were magical and fantastical,

the real magic was in the love that addie’s mommy, family, and friends all

put together for her special day.

petit fores, sherbert punch, cupcakes, mini sandwiches, candy, and more delectables.

even addie’s super adorable cousin loved it.

how could anyone not?

beauty runs deep in this family!

of course there was time for a wardrobe change b/c every princesses/hostess needs

wardrobe changes to wow her guests!

one of her favorite people in her little sweet world making her smile <3

piñata time with brave uncle morgan.

addie’s current fav mood…painting!

and why not when you’re a sweet, dear girl loving life?

the painted fingers are almost too much to handle.

and then time for happy birthday and of course

melanie had the perfect candle!

exactly what i wished for.

here’s what i find endearingly lovable about this party.

*most of the details put together where from stuff around the house (both mine and melanie’s)

*entertainment provided by dad

*a couple of simple yet fun activities to entertain the littles

* a smattering of various bakery goods  instead of a big fancy cake

*oodles of balloons (b/c it’s not a party if there’s not balloons)

*12 dozen (at least) of roses so a girl knows she’s a princess

*a party at home with the family and small group of friends

and best of all, done with mommy’s love.

just adore this day and these memories for you sweet addie and

i wish you a lifetime of special, muchy muchness birthdays!