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brave girl

when you think about it…

it’s really one of the most important things there are– this thing called ‘bravery’.

i put it up there with hope, faith, and love.

really, how can you attain any of those if you aren’t brave?

you must be WILLING to be BRAVE to hope for good.

BRAVE  to sustain Faith and turn away from doubt.

and boy do you have to be BRAVE to set out on

the journey of love – be it loving your passion, a person, whatever……

yeah so i’m a philosopher now.


but it’s that time of year.

when seniors are preparing to take flight.

and we’re all so hopeful for the future and hopefully taking it all in.

i took a few minutes to take in the “before I die” wall while i waited for my shoot.

the myriad of colorful chalks, different fonts, and messages of anonymous hope…

what can i say?

hope inspires me.

it takes courage to hope for something better. something amazing.

that and “eat tacos without being judged” is fantastic.

loved this b/c it set the tone for my shoot with one great girl.

meet Meghan Anderson.

remember this name.

obviously, the girl is easy on the eyes and then some

but to hear her sing!

goodness gracious.

check her site out, videos on youtube, music on iTunes…

this is a brave girl.

brave not only to get up in front of a crowd and sing

(which she does at many venues around houston including

the Houston Rodeo this month)

but also because she dares to dream.

and DREAM big she does.

back to our shoot.

such a fun time coming up with different looks…we did it all.

i even made up the names of the looks:





poetica/girl next door

fun college girl

and finally

the grad.

yes i am a philosopher AND i have a very big imagination.

you get the whole package basically.


hard to believe this is a senior girl.

DREAMY then there’s the eclectic/boho look which

she rocked in her super cute shoes.
and then there’s THIS.

so just a week or so before our shoot was set to begin,

Meghan’s mom asked me if we could photo Meghan at a piano

b/c of her love for music.

so i find a cool little place to do a couple shots

and what do i hear behind me? someone playing the piano.

the owners were only too kind to let her sit for a few pics.

how this happened, boggles my mind.

i did not dare to even dream we’d find a random piano for our shoot.

but there it was.

next up

american glam girl.

somewhere between marilyn and the the uso

was our next look.

i’ve struggled with trying to decide what looks better….

b&w or color. she is so photogenic.

 i called this poetic/girl  next door.

effortless for this natural girl.

a focusing glitch…but i loveeeeeee it.

profound b/c of the blur.

it all goes by in just a blur doesn’t it?

this cuteness.

not only a girl who’s got the best smile since Julia Roberts

but humble and the polar opposite of pretentious too.

all american college girl.

you’re gonna make it after all (in my fav mary tyler moore voice)

and last but not least…

“the grad”

i have BIG hopes for you Meghan!

1 afternoon and i’m sold that you are the next big thing.

your sweetness, your humor, your talent…all going to take you far!

wishing you the very best on your journey!