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one such child

“Whomever receives one such child in my name receives me” Mathew 18:5

I feel like this verse should printed on the header of every adoption paper ever made.

Not only does it stir the soul but it hones in on what humans are called to do:

be the face of unconditional love.

have the heart of Jesus.

This story begins with a family of 4.

The perfect family in every way.

Active, lovely, sweet, charming, and most of all kind.

I should know…i’ve gotten to see them every few years….

here and here for example.

when you go through life and you’ve worked hard together.

made plans together.

build your dreams together.

when your cup is filled and runs over with a daughter and son.

a handsome, curious, and playful son (who by the way looks like a young brad pitt to me)

beautiful, smart daughter who is confident and observant.

so fun to see how these 2 have evolved over the years.

truly the epitome of being blessed.

even with their cup filled, this family has found room for another to love.

a darling, sweet, and utterly adorable little guy “Jo-Jo”…

(his face is blurred bc they are in the midst of fostering sweet baby boy.)

but he is scrumptious i can say.

although i positioned everyone where i wanted them for logistical & aesthetic purposes,

the looks of love are solely theirs.

this is something i can’t stage or photoshop.

to teach your children unconditional love…

what on earth could be bigger than that?

especially in times like these with so much that is wrong in the world.

what you’re doing is so big. so courageous.

not only in the act of teaching your children what unconditional love looks like

but also in giving hope to a tiny person who would have none otherwise.

I’m wishing & praying for the best for your family

Clint & Amy!