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whatever satisfies the soul is truth – walt whitman.

simple and spot-on.

in a world where following is life,

where the minutia of our lives are “liked” by our friends, by strangers…

in that world, world it is not easy to become.

and by ‘become’ i mean to evolve to who you are meant to

organically be.

so why the deep ponderings?

this is what i love about summer.

i was never much of a summer person till i had a kid.

now it is such  welcome relief.

life slows down.

no homework & activities and obligations.

amazing trips to Europe….

a time when you can dream freely, sleep till noon, &

eat popcorn for lunch, & wear your pj’s 2 days in a row (don’t judge-teehee).

Also a time to have fun with my passion and my job.

case in point…i’ve wanted to photo a stunning girl

at this location for gosh 6 years i think.

utterly satisfying with beautiful landscape to soak up

and also bc of this truly free spirit in front of me.

i got a little creative in my editing this time.

the vibe just called for it.

i could photo her and celebrate.

her talent is limitless.

i learned this when she was in the 4th grade

when i photo’d her twice  here and here.

9 years old and she showed

me what it is to be born with the special gift

of connecting with the camera in a super unique way.

i just can’t explain. how do you explain magic?

it’s no wonder she was recently crowned Miss Kemah Teen.

back to walt.

i feel like this quote applies to how i feel about photography.

i am incredibly lucky to photo someone who just “gets me” and what I’m after in a shot.

we don’t even have conversations about this.

she just KNOWS.

this is satisfaction.

this is truth.

love that we can get creative and do something with a

dead branch as opposed to a perfect bunch of flowers.

it’s just so much more interesting to me. edgy. different. yes.

change of scenery.

still rocking it.

and those painted jeans.

how about those jeans!?


what a fun girl!

not going to lie.

she was stopping traffic and breaking’ some necks.

shining brighter than the sun.

add some jeans and it’s vintage guess.

and the best cheerleading mom ever.

nothing is out of the question.

24/7 support and solid foundation.

as if beauty & brains & talent aren’t enough…

then there’s the heart.

Bryn’s recently begun a very special charity raising money

to benefit children in need of cleft pallate surgery.

i’m completely thrilled to photo a little sneak peek.

you should DEFINITELY check it out!

keep smiling and satisfying your own truth Bryn!

Wishing you the absolute best at WHATEVER you want to do, sweet girl!