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• So who exactly is this lady with a camera?

First and foremost I am a SAHM who loves her “job”. Or should I say jobs! I wear many hats in the Pizana household: chef, stylist, counselor, IT tech, personal shopper, house keeper, family archivist, decorator, educator and on and on….

I’m mom to my 7 year old son who is of course the most beautiful child on earth (hey, i’m a mom- i’m allowed to say that!) and the center of mine and my husband’s lives. Speaking of which I’ve been madly in love and married for 19 years to one amazing man.


• How did you get into photography?

Funny story that is. I am a certified teacher for grades 6-12. I have a BA in Biology and an AA in Social Sciences. Now what does that have to do with photography? yeah– that’s right. NADA! Basically I took nice pictures of my son, friends and neighbors asked me to do their pics, then friends of friends…..yada yada yada. Next thing you know, my guest room became a “Studio”. I have always been considered a creative person in decorating, cooking, painting, etc. I read a couple of books, studied a couple photog sites online, and bada bing. Here you are reading my “Photography Blog”. While I can’t say i have formal training in photography, I can say that I believe my work speaks for itself.



How would you describe your approach to photography?

Although being in touch with my creative side has always been an asset, I think that being a mother has really allowed me to get in touch with the touch/feely aspect of life. I approach every picture with the mentality “what would I want my child to remember about this time of his life?” I stay current on the trends and styles of the time and bring that to my graphic design. I strive to portray images in a simplistic way while still evoking emotion and the true beauty of the subject’s soul.  I try to make the experience as custom as I possibly can by having a consulation with you to discuss all the pertinent details so that the only surprise you have is the joy of how much you love your photos.