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    In the past year, I have photo'd 2 books:

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    and a cookbook with Carolyn Westbrook (her 5th book) which will be out this Fall but is available for pre-order on Amazon.

    a product line with the great folks at Marcus Luttrell's Team Never Quit ,

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    And I STILL made time for family & senior sessions that i didn't get a chance to blog about ..booooo. Who has time to sit at the computer!

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i begin with wise words of oprah and illumination.

there is something magical that happens

when string lights hang over a flea market in a field in texas.

the magic happens twice a year in town called round top, texas

halfway between houston and austin.

just follow the trail of bluebonnets & junk. 

the show lasts a week, no two, ok 3 now.

it has a pulse of it’s own and grows more each year.

life is so busy and i usually miss it but this year

i got in my car and just drove.

no plan, no ride alongs, just a spontaneous ride to the country.

honey, pick up whataburger for the youngin’

bc mama is hitting the road.

and this is why adventuring is what i love the most in life.

imagine driving up and seeing this.

 petite, bombshell betty standing outside a

vintage trailer— hitched to a vintage hudson no less–

wearing  a pretty-in-pink chiffon dress

and spraying her hair with aqua-net.

true story.

happened exactly like that.

i even took a selfie to mark the occasion

i considered it to be no less than a present from God to stumble upon this.

a gift  with a  tag that read, “here look at the amazingness that still exists in the world”.

so i asked her if i could take a pic or 2 and she sweetly

complied while she pulled up her boots (i mean who’s gonna argue with God and all?)

it was a feast for the eyes and a treasure of nostalgia

just sitting there in the indian paintbrushes under the clear blue texas sky.

my heart could barely handle this

and this sweet pup was the icing.

and there was more. and more and more.

this was an event hosted by junk gypsy at their gypsyville headquarters.

an amazing concept.

so after winning with all that photography luck

i headed to my destination at zapp hall for the junk gypsy prom.

i guess you could say the stars were just aligned in my favor that day

bc as i turned into to park, i drove up to this fabulousness head on.

i did exactly what you would expect a photographer to do.

i put my car in park and got out and snapped these beauties.

white on white goodness…mesmerizing

and then they said,

“there are more of us”….

they affectionally called themselves “the white girls”.

there is this electricity in the air on prom day.

it’s all day leading up to the parties.

seriously you can feel it everywhere in the air.

something like

my big fat greek wedding

when the girls are getting ready together for the wedding….

only the ‘wedding’ is more like a village people event with .

a  village people prom.

then there’s the rest of zapp hall.

sure it’s a place where you can wet your whistle

and grab amazing eats but after dark it’s much more than that.

twinkling stars, a big top, and what my friend debra likes to call,

the greatest show on dirt.

there’s usually a line but as ive come to learn, a line is a sign of a very good thing

when it comes to the good stuff

trust me, they have every hand on deck in there

waiting isnt so bad when you’re listening to moses rangel

sing “coca cola cowboy”.

and then there’s the people watching.

characters from all walks of life and not afraid to STRUT honey

werk honey

even the babies get dressed up

and the reunions

and you never know just who you’ll see.

for example, russel crowe here

then there’s this guy Denverado, the deacon of disco alley.

if you can wear fringe and aviators under a

disco ball and still look this cool….

you are winning at life my friend.

disco alley

i like to picture the soul train line where they stroll

down strutting their stuff here.

disco ball included free of charge.

on to watch sound check with this guy.

john evans band KICKS ASS

couldnt pass up this texas beauty queen

just a group of girls repping the beatles and americana

and the fine friends just keep coming

and there are cowboys

and indians

and fairies

and all kinds of stuff that i dont even have names for.

sheer entertainment while you shop.

you can even bring your family. good ole fashion steampunk fun.

bring a hot date night, a holster, and your yeti cup

or just to sit around with your dog and people watch

or date night with your dog

or with your best girl.

these fine women told me that they bought

their ridiculously gorgeous ensembles right on the spot.

and sometimes there’s puppies. ultra-cute puppies that hurt to look at

you can even bring your OWN gorgeous party

bring the royalty

and the beauties with band hats

got a little creative with this edit…i’d say the scene called for it!

more of these guys….

they know how to turn it up.

a free amazing concert

it’s a sight to see

and seeing friends who just run into each show is the best

making new, sweet friends along the way

and you can SEE THE MAGIC!

have you ever SEEN magic?

if not, i implore you to go bc it is guaranteed you will

SEE the magic illuminate before your very eyes.

this was just me standing back taking it all in.

there was something  wonderful and sweet

‘glenda the good witch” about this moment.

speaking of glenda

pure rainbow-brite eye candy

complete tinsel madness

i mean…you have to be QUITE the man to pull that necklace off.

this was an actual scene of greatness just existing.

so glad i stumbled upon it.

amie and jolie in all their sparkle glory

not sure who’s birthday it was but i am sure they had an epic time

back to disco alley and back to zapp hall tent.

not just anyone can pull off this alley

the crowd was singing, dont stop believing/journey and it was amazing 

i left about 11pm and the party was still going strong.

wish i could’ve stayed longer but i had a 1.5 drive back.

another one for the books and im richer for being there, meeting folks, seeing their smiles.

and look, you’ve been told more than once,

this is a bucket list experience.

go THIS fall before it’s all just a memory yall.

thanks for all the illumination and inspiration round top <3

*please contact

if you would like me to share an image.

please no screenshots, edits, sharing without permission, etc.

thank you!!!


Don’t walk in front of me,

I may not follow; Don’t walk behind me,

I may not lead; Walk beside me,

and just be my friend.

Albert Camus

earth day was an epic

shade of golden yellow this year.

not quite planned this way, but as the sun

and the dress would have it…this is where i landed.

i also landed on noah’s ark located on an OUTSTANDING

property where buffalo roam, zebra’s zee, and giraffes

live in the golden shadow of the sun.

like you, i’ve been to the zoo a few times and caught a glimpse of a giraffe or 2.

hell, i’ve paid $12 to feed one a few leaves.

but walking up to a free-range giraffe

is something i will not every forget.

pure poetry

then there’s this piece of gold.

this little thing, with a golden dress says to me that

she doesn’t care about anything else…just a very special picture

with her love Arthur.

my only goal of the day was to find some magic.

and magic we did find.

24k gold variety.

when you’re trying to photograph something like a 2,000 pound

living thing,

you go where he tells you.

you shoot where you can stand.

and if this means walking into sun flares…you walk into sun flares.

but in the end, arthur gave us our magic.

our golden magic.

and it should be golden

like cori.

a girl with get up and go,


a spectacular soul.

honestly, i dont know if the sun was shining on them

or she was shining on the sun.

see what i mean?

tell me if the sun shines this bright.

we mastered the whole golden thing so we thought

we’d get the obligatory senior/rusty stuff pics too.

you know, to balance the whole giraffe thing.

all in balance i tell you.

pin up girl

we had such a fun shoot…didnt even feel like a shoot.

just cutting up with a friend.

cori, i wish big bright happy days ahead for you.

I hope the world is ready to basque in your glow!

stay golden giraffe girl xoxo

that time of year again.

houston area turns into one giant, yellow dust bowl.

but somehow when you have spectacular fields of wild flowers to

prance thru

it makes it all worth it.

Making an excuse for  a road trip coincides perfectly

for the biannual texas antiques festival in round top, texas.

perfect time to thank my hospitality crew who bravely signed up

this year to help me with teacher luncheons

(minus one fantastic member of our crew)

with a day trip of wildflowers, junkin, shrimp blt’s, and girlfriend time!

so if you find yourself frazzled and dazed

when you arrive in the mother of all flea markets– you are not alone.

ive been coming since 2011 and i still feel this way at times.

but focus.

you got this.

the best place to start is my favorite of all the shows

Zapp Hall.

ive blogged about this many times and once you visit you’ll

understand just why.

if you’re traveling with a bunch, it has something for everyone.

junky, rusty junk, new funky junk, artistic junk, and

everything in between that you cant even imagine

you needed before you got there.

and the people with the absolute best humor too

Dead People’s Stuff…”you die we buy”

i cant make this stuff up. im not that good.

one of my absolute favs, Talking Trash from

Debra York & her hubby Cat Daddy.

If it sounds like they have a lot of personality, you’re spot on.

Just love picking up some of her curations.

She is and always will be Madam Curator to me.

this bunny. how did this bunny get away from me?

as usual, im so busy shooting that i forget to shop!

she’s inside the hall so be sure not to miss her

Speaking of Zapp…. another reason to start here.

Not only can you get some perfect ice tea, but you can get REFILLABLE ice tea.

Served by one of my favorite families of antiques week.

i have no idea how they pull off what they pull off in that a little house.

ive had food at 5 star restaurants that were not this good. dont take my word– go and see.

couldn’t take these lovelies out without some fuel.

we basically drooled all over the table.

crushing on our little waiter who was serious about his job.

bright and beautiful stops along the way

this is why i love round top shopping.

finding those special pieces you cant find in the big box stores.

those things that give your home character.

dont know what these are called but im obsessed

saw them at blue hills later and still obsessed

ok so aside from all the goodies you can buy

there’s this.

the people watching.

i met these gals few years back in smithville, tx passing thru a gas station.

reunited and it felt so good…

aren’t they the cutest? they are all sisters and theres a few more not here.


back to my peoples.

cant make a day to round top without stopping to see my sweet friends at

the infamous junk gypsy hq

for the obligatory Large Marge photo and great shopping!

lively, bright and all the good feels….

my friend lindsay, found the cutest vintage lamp

and diamond lightbulb for her daughter’s room….swoon worthy


and then you have to have these little lucy & ethel moments.

do i have some good friends or what?

my one goal of the day was to find a big drum

for my a side table in my percussionist’s bedroom.

Lindsay spotted it and Donna loaded it up.

we could’ve opened the cover but

what fun would that have been?

good times and good laughs

what it’s all about

speaking of good times…

how fun to run into my sweet friend

Melanie Luttrell and the Robertson family!

a west monroe reunion and so nice to get to meet

Rebecca’s husband John Reed.

They are the sweetest couple and photo

ready without even trying.

need more rebecca to photo in my life. just love her vibe!

and what a sweet surprise for my girls to meet these beautiful girls

Korie, Sadie, Bella, and Chrys (not pictured)…

crazy that we talked about them on way to roundtop

and what a wonderful, genuine family they are. they

were so sweet to stop for a photo.

you just never know who you’re going to run into in round top!

did as much shopping as we could fit and found some cute stuff

loved our day together ladies!

in the spirit of junkin, here’s a bonus 2 for 1 post lol

after 7 years i finally got hubby out to antiques week last week too!

he’s been to round top many times but not during antiques week.

of course you know where i took him…

hey, if it aint’ broke…you know the rest

shrimp blt from zapp hall….never fails

always perfect

air full of good tunes from savannah adkins and fresh country air

even got our sweet girl out and she loved it.

love how round top is so dog friendly

took him to meet my other family…my sweet friends the yorks


is that a large airplane or flying thing in the middle of a flea market?

why yes. yes it is

perfect photo op

perfect for this airforce man

as if the food at zapp hall isn’t fantastic enough

now there’s a roasted corn guy.

better than the streets of mexico. for real

and they were just the sweetest guys

keep em fed ladies.

keep em happy so i can keep getting them to take pix

(insert monocle laugh)

stopped by to say hi to our friends at pent-up photos who always

have the COOLEST set up every show to get a shot to remember your adventure by

and who could pass all those beautiful

blue bonnets without a quick photo op?

so as this show comes to a close, so will the shop of

my honorary auntie, Debra York and Mr. Cat Daddy.

I want to complain about this but it has been 30 years.

so i guess i should be reasonable about this.

just another reason i’ll have to try out the super train to dallas i guess!

i’ll miss seeing you my sweet friends! Love you to pieces!

please contact me at 7134432114 if you are interested in using any photos. please do not screen shot, add filters, or change in any way. THANKS!