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    So far 2015 has been pretty durn fabulous in the world of photography...

    Fun times with the amazing Junk Gypsy Co. shooting airstreams belonging to Miranda Lambert and Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) both which aired on Junk Gypsies new season on GAC.

    Senior Fever ROCKED! The boys of 2015 took over and already have a class of 2016 done and delivered!

    I'll be taking time off to adventure land with my favorite boy and hubby for the summer.

    Holiday session info will go out late summer.

    Have some fabulous fun till i see you again!

be a good one…


Today is a very special person’s birthday!

There are people you cross paths with that just stand out sometimes.

And what better day than a birthday to pay tribute to a wonderful girl?

Meet my friend Erin Carlyle.

I met Erin few years back when our son’s were in the same class.

It didn’t take long to see us big-camera-totin-mamas had a couple

things in common.

But that wasn’t it.

There’s lots of  big-camera-totin-mamas at school

and I still may not know their names or have had even a convo.

No it was more than a love for photography that sprouted this friendship.

Erin stuck out bc she is  such a sweet, positive, and personable person.

As if that isn’t wonderful in itself,

I was thrilled when she signed up for my xmas mini last year — oops — year before that! yikes!

Anyway, she has a BEAUTIFUL family and I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to share before this.

As a photographer, who’s going to blog about you?

At least in the 2nd/3rd person right?

Today is the perfect day to share wight he world what a gem you are Erin!

Not only easy on the eyes…this clan is super duper

awesome just to hang out with. It’s no wonder she’s so popular!

a SUPER wife and mother!

Erin and her husband Jeff have quickly become part of our little

“Hamilton family”. Both volunteering many many hours and making our school that much better.

We are blessed!

Erin’s super pretty daughter Callie

And this boy!  Jackson–as equally handsome as he is sweet.

and a character!

such a gorgeous couple!

Erin’s not just  a “good mom”.

She’s a ROCKSTAR mom. Always in tune, always involved.

Even with the busy schedule she keeps at her studio….Erin is amazing with her kids.

Her two handsome guys

They are soooo cute together!

So yes everything she does, she does it very well.

Immensely talented and handles it all with grace.

Thanks for being such a friend Erin!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know how awesome i think you are!

Now aren’t you glad I shared this shoot? They are too cute not to!

You can see Erin’s immense talent by visiting her at




/ˈwəndər/ noun: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration,

caused by something beautiful, unexpected, or inexplicable.

one of my favorite words.

I must use/think of this word at least once a day.

“the wonder of it all” I say.

yes I’m secretly a life lovinn’,  hippy girl.

for this family i think it is PEFECT and i’ll show you why.

First, a little background…

See i know what i’m talking about b/c

i’ve been following Reece around since he was in the 1st grade with my son Maceo.

Easy to see why with those bright, happy eyes and GORGEOUS grin!



sorry got carried away going down memory lane…ha! it’s what i do.

it’s kinda impossible not to get pulled in with that smile.

 it’s not  hard to see why the word “wonder” came to mind when i sat down to write

today’s post.

You don’t have to look very hard

to see it’s right there for the world to love– plain as day–

 the ‘wonder’ in  Reece’s eyes… the ability to see  joy of every moment.

so onto baby sister Hannah’s first tea party!

so sweet

just precious as can be

so these kids definitely inherited the ‘wonder’ gene.

you can see it in baby girl’s eyes too.

 mr. handsome.

he wanted to pose himself and I’m glad i went with it.

i’d say he did really well!

mama’s heart right there in one frame.

a SUPER big brother!


and of course we had to make time for a family pic.

How cute are these people?

Way before our session

Karly warned advised me that Miss Hannah was not a photo enthusiast.

C’mon! who could say that about this sweet thing?


ok maaaaaybe i could see a little, itty bitty, assertiveness there….just  a tiny bit.


done and done.

but really who’s going to say no to this?

you’re done for Scott. just accept it.

there’s that “wonder” again


uh oh.

okaaaayyyyy i can see just a little of what her mommy was talking about.


and then there’s this.

so proud of this boy.

This conqueror of all quests.

He always amazes me with his marathons, extra curricular activities like baseball, scouts…..

Truly a model example of what a scout should be:

good attitude, leadership, courage, tenacity.

What could be more perfect than getting an “Americana” photo of him?

and of course gotta pay props to his mama.

He sure does love her.


thanks for being so awesome Scott, Karly, Reece, & Hannah!

If i could just see the world through your eyes every day

life would be that much more amazing!

how much do i love you?


How much do i love you?

a question as good as one that deserves a story just as special.

Especially after the hellluva morning me and Mr. Zach’s mom had….

It all began with what was supposed to be a very routine and fun shoot.

super adorable baby, super sweet school mom i know, big kids still in school so plenty

of time to play, FINALLY no rain, balloons, cake, props, baby clothes…

we were set.

or so i thought.

first we reconsidered the whole trespassing thing —

hey you come to april pizana photography- I’m going to give you an adventure.

grass was just too tall and I’m not into the whole snake and spider thing soooooo

off to a nice little back up spot  nearby.


baby sleeping, still no rain, all balloons accounted for…

or not.

forgot to mention SWARMS and i do mean SWARMS of mosquitos.

listen, i’m from Texas Y’ALL! and i know the whole mosquito thing.

it’s awful. it’s torture. it’s one of the reasons i don’t shoot in the summer (seriously).

i get it.

But this year b/c of all the rain, it was like scary SCARY.

like apocalypse scary.

just walking maybe 1/4 mile when i turned

to hear the alarm in Angie’s voice trailing behind me and saying,

“uhhhh i need that bug spray NOW.”


i told you apocalypse.

Thankfully i had my spray with me so we went into mom-combat-mode.

problem mostly solved after maybe 3 layers of spray.

so walking a couple more feet and what happens?

balloons detach from the pincher and fly up!

not the first time this has happened to me

or the poor mom holding on to them.

and the reason why i rarely do balloons.

so here i am out of my comfort zone…summer shoot, stifling heat,

apocalyptic mosquitos, and now run away balloons.

we trekked on.

that’s when stopped and looked at Angie and said–


 we’re not walking away without those balloons.

don’t you know i found me a TALL and i do mean TALL stick..

b   o   o   m  !

AND this is when our luck turned around.



onward with the moms-who-can’t-be-stopped!

and this sweet little face.

Just a little year ago we met “mr heavenly”.


and here he is again…heavenly as ever.

the baby human is an amazing specimen. Just a little over 365 days ago he was laying

swaddled up and not even able to support his neck…

now after many bottles, diaper changes, and tons of love from his sweet mama and family—

he’s standing on the little suitcase he laid on.



and loving swing time




and walking


“look what i can do mama!”


ready to climb


and being yummier than ever

and smiling:)


you’d be smiling too if you were eating a chocolate cake in your diaper!

and having your way at it

this is how you eat cake folks.



he was good and happy till we told him how many calories it had.


No sky is to high for a mama’s love.

You are LOVED!


the beginning of summer.

time to slow down and enjoy flip flops, popsicles, and swimming.

and jumping into lakes.

at least that’s what these boys said.

they weren’t part of my shoot and i have no idea who they are

but it wouldn’t be right to not take advantage and

shoot something that looked like the set of STAND BY ME.

nope, couldn’t do it.

 my cup and the lake runneth over.

last summer exactly 1 year and 1 day before this day a little dream boat was being born.


a week after that we had some fun in his backyard to say hello to the world.

the human baby it an amazing concept.

just 365 days after birth this specimen is up walking around,

holding onto objects,

making faces and giggling at mama and dada– TALKING to mama and dada,

and on his way to conquering the world with his sweet, adorable smile.

remarkable species we are.

 though we often say “he’s just a little baby”….

too fast we learn this was only a short season and before you

can say  kindergarten

he  will be  jumping off of a platform on a lake with his buddies.

I say this not to be pessimistic, but instead,  to relish in the simple joys of

balloons, bubbles, and birthday cake of today.

“may  you never lose your sense of wonder”

Here’s to eating cake the way you want it.

the first of many special years of celebrating your birthday sweet baby.



How many times in the past 18 years have i listened to this song?

of course the song has never changed but somehow it has changed.

 Somehow it has always fit into every era of my life.

I just know there is a generation out there that has a similar story.

See I have these “song memories”….

i can recall times of my life based on various songs

and then thereafter I associate those times with those songs.

That’s what’s so profound about music…it become a part of your story.

Well it does if you’re like me.

You remember the song you were listening to when you

had your 1st dance,

1st heartbreak,

 the song at your wedding,

a fun day of dancing in the kitchen with your baby, etc…

Green Day’s “time of my life”….

i first heard it on the series finale of Seinfeld.

I was a teacher then and i made a really cool slideshow for my students.

The kind of kids from an intercity school where 100% of the population is on free lunch

and so many aren’t connected to school.

THIS was the song I chose.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium.

It was everything to them.

it was everything to me.

I still choke up thinking of that day and the gratitude they showed me.


 by international hall of fame rockstar,

Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day then, and has become a classic

in American pop culture because it touches a nerve fore everyone who hears it.

It’s applied to every genre of my life.


family life.

and now as a photographer.

especially for a photographer.

“so take the photographs and still frames in your mind, hang it on a shelf in good health and good time”…

Here i am 12 years later….teacher certificate expired,

standing in a field of longhorns and looking at one fine airstream decked to the 9 by

my soul sisters Amie & Jolie.

WHAT A THRILL it was when Amie called me to talk about shooting this!


yes seriously.

B/C of scheduling, taping their show, etc…

Our shoot day fell on opening day of Antiques Week in Round Top.

a HELLUVA day to do this but it had to be done before it was shipped off to Cali

for Billie Joe’s big reveal so we MADE it happen.

Thank GOD we made it happen.

So in the middle of taking a thousand selfies with grateful,

sweet shoppers at Junk Gypsy Headquarters,

these 2 were snagged away to do a little shoot and this is what we did.

these girls just rock my world.

how can this even be called work?

and then we


listening to Green Day’s “When I come Around”

on my phone.


So C R A Z Y that a certain junker practically gave herself WHIPLASH!

Now that’s dedication.

and that’s punk folks. HA! a term coined by Junk Gypsy themselves…


Seriously i relished in these moments.

I adored that in the midst of crazy fun antiques week

we had this behind the scenes crazy fun

and in an amazing airstream belonging to an American Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame icon no less!

 All the incredible hard work these girls do and

to see them have a little punk fun was priceless.

Definitely one of those “times of your life” moments.

This is what is so special about these 2….they aren’t just delivering a product– oh and it’s a GOOD product–

they’re making once in a  lifetime memories together.

It’s never just been about the fame and fortune.

They’re taking ‘still frames and photographs in their minds’.

40 years from now i’ll look back and have those still frames in my mind too

and i’ll laugh thinking of the incredible adventure i had with them and with all of it.

Driving up and seeing this display had me smiling from the go.

Guadalupe on a surfboard? WHAT?!

So more on this tricked out silver bullet….

The airstream is a gift from Billie Joe’s wife, Adrienne, for their anniversary– 20 year anniversary!

in everyday people’s time that’s a pretty great feat

but in HOLLYWOOD world….that’s miraculous and a great deal of love.

You must read the background story on  the Junk Gypsy Blog

and catch the episode of how they did it all on GAC

(which aired last night but will prob re-air again later this season).

She wanted something to hitch to a truck and drive to a beach for surf and sun.

meanwhile in texas….the longhorns decided to give the airstream a proper Texas standoff.

watching over us

in the middle of that….our friend Jessica Robertson stopped by.

REALLY?  sitting in Billie Joe’s airstream with Jessica Robertson?

talk about a crazy good day.

of course a selfie was necessary.


back to work…

THE BIG WELCOME as you enter:


beautiful words in their own right….intriguing for sure.

But Amie shared the story behind the story and it was even more inspiring.

The quote comes from a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic

by the name of Rumi.

Here’s the full text. It’s a very deep read so don’t just try to

rush through.  Read it when you have time to really absorb the words.

Very enlighting and something near and dear to Billie Joe’s heart.

NO really — “BE SILENTLY DRAWN” is tattooed on his chest!

the story behind this is truly AWE INSPIRING.

Something about Billy Joe and Adrienne taking a walk and coming across a slip

of paper that read, “be silently drawn”.

They would eventually find the source of this line here:

don’t grieve. anything you lose comes round in another form. friends are enemies sometimes and enemies friends. i was a tiny bug. now a mountain. i was left behind. now im honored at the head. you healed my wounded hunger and anger and made me a poet who sings about joy. if your guidance is your ego, don’t rely on luck for help. you sleep during the day and the nights are short. by the time you wake up your life may be over. let the beauty we love be what we do. let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. someone sober will worry about events going badly. let the lover be. let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. most people guard against going into the fire, and so end up in it. my friend, the sun is the friend of the resent moment. to say tomorrow is not our way. nightengales are put in to cages because their songs give pleasure. whoever heard of keeping a crow? no longer a stranger, you listen all day to these crazy love-words. like a bee you fill hundreds of homes with honey, though yours is a long flight from here. no mirror ever became iron again. no bread ever became wheat; no ripened grape ever became sour fruit. mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse. become the light. only the heart can you touch the sky. patience is the key to joy. people of the world don’t look at themselves and so they blame one another. since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening. the intelligent want self-control; children want candy. the middle path is the way to wisdom. the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart. thirst drove me down to the water where i drank the moon’s praise is to praise how one surrenders to the emptiness. we come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. we rarely hear the inward music, but we’re all dancing to it nevertheless. you think the shadow is the substance. jalal-uddin Rumi

so now it was time to shoot all the little details

that Jolie & Amie worked so hard to put together to make this airstream fit for a rockstar.

every detail has meaning and a special touch.

and truth be told….i set my iPhone to a GREEN DAY fest

jamming hard to my favs and while not being able to fully take in where i was.

It was poetic.

A very zen, masculine, cozy place to hang.

think HANG 10 at the beach, zen, spirituality, comfort, and chic.

beach whimsy

hollywood lighting


A lot of cool details masculine and functional like the cool  sconce above.

standard necessity on a vintage airstream…

record player and vinyl.

speaker for an electric jam session

The absolute BEST blanket every.

Got this blanket at Christmas for my little bro who is not a blanket person.

um yeah he sleeps with it like linus every night now.

because every rock no roll hall of famed deserves to have a surfboard anchored in his airstream. duh

LOVE this vignette of this and thats

perfect microwave

this. what a love story.

Billie Joe’s wife, Adrienne really put her heart into finding something that would

blow his mind away. Mission accomplished!

more junk gypsy goodies…

by the way — if you love what you see here

 you can snag some of it for your own airstream (even if it’s imaginary) here

PRACTICAL matters…you didn’t think the microwave was just gonna stay put did you?

How about this ingenious contraption? awesome vintage leather guitar strap of course.

Amie said this is one of “daddy gypsy’s” signature things…using a penny to anchor this down. just love that.

no onto the east wing HA!

this pillow!!! I’m in love with this pillow.

more junk gypsy creations available at

can’t you just see Billie Joe sitting here with Adrienne

writing another killer classic?

simplicity. my favorite.

“ALIGNMENT” yes. cool grunge and vintage quality but isn’t it perfect in the spirituality sense too?

them girls….aways thinking’!

drawer pulls to love and give you some “direction”.

can’t get enough of this quote

These gorgeous people.

Not sure how fair it is to be this good lookin’ and talented AMIE!

Not just one of this duo but TWO sisters this gorgeous. I don’t think

folks make enough of a big deal about this. Prob bc they’re so blinded with all the

way cool projects they put on…but it should be said.


so what a day.

i will take those photographs and still frames and tuck them very deep in my heart.

I’m so appreciative of these girls

both on a professional level and on a personal level.

Being a fan first— seeing them reach new heights and new places — places

i know they’ve never dreamed of — and still going….it’s surreal.

and then to get to have a little bitty PART of that?!

My heart could burst.

Hall of Fame Rocker and Hall of fame folks.

Love it all.

be silently drawn.