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    *BOOT SCOOTIN: just shot the Junk Gypsy line of Lane Boots coming to you January 2016. 2 days of rust, dust, fringe, and boot scootin with the talented styling of the Sikes sisters aka Junk Gypsy and gorgeous models! The boots....hope you have a handkerchief in your pocket b/c you WILL need it for all the drool!

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one day you will  wake up and you find yourself deep in the middle of life.

living fast and loud and find yourself not  taking the time to make sure

important stuff on
your check list is not getting checked off.

it won’t take long to realize that

you are not prepared.

and so begins our story of scouting.

really it began 4 years ago with cub scouts.

i was in love from the first time he put his uniform on

(you could say i have a weak spot for a man in uniform).


we took 1 year off but something kept nagging at me  to get back and I’m so glad i listened.



Though scouting is it’s own little iconic piece American dream,

I am learning that the real dream is just starting

now that we’ve crossed over to boy scouts.

don’t get me wrong.

we enjoyed the meetings and the projects and all the skills and socializing of cub scouts.

it was SO fun and i can definitely see the value in every bit of it.

and like every good thing  – there comes an end of an era.

the belt loops, the cake bakes, pine derbies….

for all you cub scout moms & dad’s that don’t know yet – there’s a ceremony at the end of your

cub scouts adventure  called the “Arrow of Light”.

it’s amazing.

truly, a rite of passage.

i put it up there with the those intangible, profound ideals

like those demonstrated in Norman Rockwell paintings…

those you saw in the movie Stand by Me or The Sand Lot.

pure amazingness.

the onion slicing ninjas creep in the background somewhere at those ceremonies.

yes, something is different and somehow it feels like everything has changed.

it’s the beginning of true boyhood.


you get to choose which boy scout troop your son will join.

isn’t that fantastic?

Every troop has their own “flavor” so it’s really whatever works for your family.

So when they “cross over” to boy scouts- the troop they’ve chosen

will send representatives to welcome your scout and dress them in their new neckerchiefs.

Maceo was like, “uh what are they doing to me”?

and i was with a giant lump in my throat, seeing these fine  young men

take my son and don him with a new neckerchief.

Their neckerchief.

Another glorious surprise…

 the moms got together weeks before and purchased arrows

(these were from purchased fro a native american in the Southwest who makes them).

We then met again and made the arrow into a timeline

with different color embroidery string showing the

major accomplishments in the order the scout received them.

The boys have no idea that we were doing this so when they were presented

with them at the Arrow of Light ceremony it was that much more special.

Maceo really loved his.

So onto new beginnings.

2 meetings in and we’re at our first campout.

yep, dove in head first.

no, literally, our FIRST ever campout.

Hector and I just weren’t aren’t camping people.

and THIS is why boy scouts is so important. CRUCIAL. VITAL.

i’m not being dramatic. no not me.

the thought that maceo would be pitching his own tent,

helping cook meals, setting up his sleeping arrangement, etc….

well it gave me hives.

literally like 3 hives on my face.

i know. I’m weak. it’s ridiculous.

sure he can be on the honor roll every quarter, earn a gold medal in piano,

spelling bee rockstar, and breaking boards with his feet…

but to be responsible for his very own life?


as i’ve said before…

you have to understand.

we have ONE child.

ONE child to get it right with and ONE child to mess it up with.

instruction manual not included.

but from the first time i walked into the meeting at our new troop,

i felt like it was a good choice.

a choice he needed.

we needed.

Maybe all troops are like this? i don’t know.

but i could smell and feel the testosterone all around.

these are not little boys.

these are smart and capable young men.

ones that i wouldn’t mind my son following around.

so we get our little list of what he needs.

it was his first campout (in January no less) so we headed to academy.


and amazon.

and back to academy.

and REI.

and last minute amazon prime.

and then  we packed up and we went with him.

this is all just stuff for me and hubby– for one day/night.


it was literally close enough for hubby to go home and let the dog out

a couple times but that’s besides the point.


and like trained  soldiers.

they got there and the tents came out and up.

and what we saw was shocking…

not only did maceo and his partner set up his tent— but they did it PERFECTLY with no help.

The whole operation was mind-blowing to me.

this little group of boys just packing their stuff, unpacking their stuff,

everyone with jobs and duties.

and it was beautiful.

firewood for campfire.

this is a 3 wash pot station. i can’t believe boys can actually wash their OWN dishes

and without running water in the woods. crazy talk.


 Scoutmaster, Mr. Lowenstein, was the perfect balance of

knowledge, “get-r-done”,  “stop goofing around”,  and “good job” type of guy.

Exactly what these boys need and crave.

somehow i must just LOOK like a cook b/c i was invited to be Grubmaster.

i love that title!

It was a really fun job.

So you are allowed to pick the menu

(for this – it included lunch, dinner, breakfast, and lunch for 13 adults).

I chose pulled pork/potato salad for lunch,

chili/cornbread for dinner,

chorizo/egg & fruit for breakfast, and

cold cuts/sandwhiches for lunch.

Takes a lot of planning but i enjoyed it and i stayed on

budget which is not one of my strengths.

that and i was totally spoiled b/c the venue had a sink, running water, tables, and counter space.

The guys were very kind…they gave me tons of praise and offers of help!

hubby brought a camping stove we purchased a while back but have yet to use.

thing cooks like a BEAST!

it wasn’t easy fending off the boys with all the smell goods.

my mama heart wanted to serve them a nice cup but i stayed strong.

even when my own passed by and had a little pitiful face.

it was really good for him.

so after everyone was setup and lunch was going

the boys started had a little free time to play.

time to get acquainted with requirements in the book


the assistant scoutmasters manned different stations

teaching everything from knots, cooking with propane,

how to use an axe (yes my inner mama heart is screaming) and thank God– FIRST AID!


lots of man learnin’

scoutmasters set up all the necessary equipment in addition to

their own camping quarters, and still taught at their various stations.

I was really impressed with how the  whole operation ran — and if you know me in real life–

that’s not easily earned.


very respectful boys

making their own lunches

it was weird and funny to see my kid in another atmosphere.

i think i actually heard him put his order in….”i’ll have turkey, and bla bla….”

uh yeah. nobody cared.

which is EXACTLY why he needs to be here.

don’t let the bright sun fool you.

it was freaking F   R  E   E  E   E   E   E    E  Z I N G.

im not one to complain about the cold.

heck i don’t even wear a coat 90% of winter.

but this was of the canadian, frosty variety.

Thank God for hand warmers.

and yet there were still kids in shorts!

i’ll chalk that up to raging hormones of youth.

after lunch….more learnin’ time

agility tests

new recruits had a lot of learning to do

then fun stuff.

so many knots to learn in scouts.

those knots could save your life one day

tug of war

who knew you could do so much with ropes?

swinging water around…boy stuff


lots of 1-1 learning. i don’t know how they do it all.

excellent management.

time for the very very sharp axes. YIKES

i may or may not have been threatened to leave the area.

i may have nightmares about this but he loved it so that’s good


kids and axes? who knew?

more fun

like something out of a norman rockwell image

dinner time!

 dinner was tator tots and chicken tenders.

the boys got to choose their menu and then their grub master make it.

it was very simple but enough and

no one died.

i call that SUCCESS!


The older boys have a little bit better grasp on what

is hardy and good stuff to get.


they start their own fire for the campfire



and what fun!

they sat around telling scary stories, each patrol put on a skit,

they sung the “letter from camp/hello muddah” song (my heart almost exploded again), and

then the adults did their skit which was us singing “hotel california”

which i LOVED!

the kids who were raised right — listening to classic rock —  got into it too.

Asst Scoutmaster Mr. Cartes made monkey bread

for the boys and they devoured it.

some kind of laser thing?


thank GOD for my very smart husband who

—  may have never been a scout but has some good smarts–

bought this little gadget i named “wall-e”.

it was the difference of dying and living.

many buns were toasted.

hey I’m from the south – we aint’ used to this much cold!

then time for bed came and i wanted to die.

we all wanted to die.

this was the temp at 10:30.

it got colder. much much colder.

luckily i worked hard all day so i was tired out and pretty much passed out till 5am.

my outstanding hubby set up a lovely queen size bed/air mattress so we were comfortable.

we slept with FIVE blankets, coat on and it wasn’t enough.

hand warmers from amazon helped bring me back from hypothermia.

i got some from walmart too- they have sticky side that you can attach

to you feet and that helped save my toes from frostbite and all.

but it was just freaking cold.

i was so proud of maceo.

he never got up or came to get us.

he just endured it.

he said he was really mad about being so cold but

i  told him to chalk it up to one of those character builders in life.

besides it’ll make for a grand fish tale later on…

“the first time i went camping….it was snowing….20 degrees…”


i heard him laughing when i woke up and i was so relieved.


i believe he was the first one up.


snuck over for a quick  photo…but strictly no hugs, affection, or nice words spoken.

that would be un-manly and un-scoutly.



after breakfast it was time to pack up- not time to leave – just pack up.

pretty impressive to see some scouts packed up before breakfast with no coaxing or prodding.

i had my own tent packing service

more teaching and learning after packing up


hubby helped out with some law enforcement related material


i love this image.

it was strange to see my son let himself be disheveled,

hair not combed, and moments later

being tackled…but smiles all the way.

this is why scouting is so important for boys.

we don’t live in a world where boys spend hours and hours outside

exploring, learning, testing their hair-raising ideas, walking the fine line between

emergency room and exciting adventure.

 they need leadership and positive role models to help this process.

we’re only 2 meetings and 1 camp in but i think this is going to be a good thing.

I’m very impressed with what boys scouts seeks to teach young boys.

i wonder if the organization and parents realize exactly that children are receiving from this.

it’s mind boggling to me.

this is necessary and vital to becoming a true boy and later a knowledgeable man.

we will never get this time back- the time to lay this foundation.

don’t get me wrong… it’s still going to take me time to make the adjustment

but i have much peace in knowing that

we are on the road to being prepared.

we will be well prepared.




christmas was lovely.

i did some things different this year.

some BIG things differently.

and guess what?

i didn’t die.

christmas was still awesome and great memories were still made.

so first things first.


as with every christmas

our tradition of putting up the nativity first

the day after thanksgiving and telling the story of Jesus’ birth

while listening to celine dion “o holy night” and i shed a couple

jesus lovin tears.

one day i’ll blog on the before/after of my kitchen but in the mean time

we’ll talk about xmas.

got these gorgeous, scrumptious baking sheets at Old World Antiques

in round top last fall.

they complete my life.

one of my for decorating is that my decorations must be versatile

to utilize all year long.

i tend to decorate the kitchen for every holiday so this was PERFECT!

super mini-magnets from container store

are perfect for hanging pretty much anything from the pans.

year round i plan on putting up fav photos/recipes.


last year i had huge gold stars on the mantle

but they didn’t survive this year.

got them at the dollar store 5 years ago so i guess they suited their purpose.

found some similar but smaller ones at Target this year.

why stars?

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold,

I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:10


just a little xmas tour…

i really miss the smell of pine at xmas since our trees, wreaths, garlands, etc… are fake.

economical yes/memory making no.

so this year i picked up a giant stack of cuttings sold at the local nursery for $5!

smell memories…check!

just make sure you soak their stems in the sink for a couple hours or overnight

so they don’t dry out during the xmas season.


been dying to use this giant trophy cup for a tree stand foreva

and only a real tree would do.

last xmas party of elementary.

seen most of these sweeties grow up right before my eyes.

next year at this time they’ll be different human beings in middle school.

i just LOVE my neighborhood.


on an unsuspecting saturday morning a couple weeks before christmas

our fantastic neighbor rides on a fire truck in a caravan of emergency vehicles his son the elf

 with full lights and sirens

throwing candy to amazed children.

we’ve experienced this since my son was barely 2 years old and he still

looks so forward to it.


this year we had a polar express xmas party for maceo and a few friends.

pj’s, breakfast dinner, games, and christmas light tour.

it was such a super fun night!

Mexican hot chocolate and homemade apple cider.

we got lucky and had a perfect chilly december night (not always the case in houston).

the spread…

pancakes, egg cups, kolaches, bacon, sausage, frittata , and fruit.

i REALLY wanted to make cookies but no time.

and guess what? no one died!

no dessert since we were having pancakes and no one complained.

so easy to make and good for any meal.

fry up any breakfast meat– bacon, sausage, chorizo…

add any veggies on hand that you’d like eat….bell pepper, scallions, cilantro,

add cheese– any amount you’d like

add enough eggs to make it look good (i use prob 12).

you can also line the bottom with bread if you’d like- i use cheese/jalepeno bread slices

when I’m trying to make it more hearty or for dinner.

bake till set.

boom. done.

christmas karaoke?!

i really didn’t expect them to do this given they are at that tween age and younger

where they won’t do cute stuff anymore.

but i was happily wrong.

love this memory…

maceo and our sweet friend phyllis singing kalikimaka

everyone took a turn which was super cool

omg this was the best.

it’s all over pinterest but maceo named it “candy cane crane”

make the rules however you want but basically try to use a

candy cane to lift and transport as many other candy canes as you can to a container.

we had a trial round bc it’s much harder than it looks.

we used a timer/ipad and each kid had 60 sec.

they loveeeeed it.

simple, fun, cheap. perfect!

most got 1-3 in but apparently some kids are like olypmipans at this.

one got like 6-7 like it was nothing.

cup stacking game.

another challenging game that looks much easier than it is.

couple fun pics to commemorate the night


and then we were off to our favorite local christmas lights .

if you ever get the chance to visit PRESTONWOOD off of 249 & cypresswood— DO IT!

you won’t be disappointed.

i think they should charge people to go. it’s that good and i would gladly pay.

every single street in this neighborhood has a different theme.

i don’t know how they get this many people together to agree to do something in a neighborhood—

that in itself deserves an award.

it is the most christmas spirited neighborhood you’ve every seen and it’s beautiful to just see that.

people coming together in “good will” towards all men during the season of christ’s birth…

what a concept.

traffic is never fun but i must say that the traffic at the PRestonwood lights is just that.

People in hayrides trailers, people sitting on chairs in the back of their trucks, people sitting on top of their

vehicles, people in LIMOs! nice!

be prepared to drive slow and wait.

but bring along some hot cocoa or cider and turn on the xmas mix and it’s really not bad at all.

well unless you get suck behind a truck with diesel…yeah that’s not so fun.

i didn’t take a TON of shots b/c i was too busy enjoying myself with awesome company and

hot cider but here’s one that we loved. a larger than life statue of liberty

on the “god bless america” street.

got a quick pic in full chinese fire drill mode

rudolph  street…vintage and yet still so relevant

i don’t remember which street this was but the house was rockin’

charlie brown street HOORAY!

star wars for my friend lindy whom this is a lifestyle.

i think there may have been more ooh’s and ahh’s frm the grown ups.

one of my fav things about this neighborhood….

so many people we pass waving hi, yelling merry christmas, singing christmas songs…

you will not escape the christmas spirit so go early in the season!

a street of just nativities…amazing. couldn’t figure out why baby jesus was missing here though.

completely gorgeous

this may be clark griswold. what a fun guy waving hi and why not with a light show like this….

my photo doesn’t do it justice.

this was pretty much everyone’s fav all around.

apparently the neighborhood agrees.

such a fun night making good memories!

thanks for your time sacrifice (you should see the traffic these folks put up with for weeks on end),

and effort Prestonwood!

 Please know it is so much appreciated and

will be in the hearts of children and grow ups alike for a long long time.

Next up was San Antonio for some family fun.

this year I focused on giving the gift of memories and time

vs things made in china/wrapped in plastic.

for my sister in law’s family — whom i adore — we did a night out on the town

beginning with a trip to the Cameo Theater in San Antonio to see the production Elf

which our resident elf not the shelf “Elfie” delivered tickets for days earlier.

(we had quite the elf adventures which i’ll have to save for another post)


super cute and nice to have front row seats.

My sister in law’s family loved it!

and maceo did too b/c it was based in New York.

then onto one of our fav restaurants in SA

Rosario’s on Alamo Street.

food & atmosphere are great.


Next morning, we headed to “La Villita” for breakfast.

Hard to believe that this photo was not staged but it wasn’t….just happened to bump into these guys.

this is the flavor of san antonio and why so many people flock to it year round.

no trip to SA is complete without a trip to Mi Tierra in La Villita.


super delish Mexican food. we got there a little late so we were STARVING.

such beautiful atmosphere with mariachis playing.

kid loves this place. been bringing him here since he was like 7 months old.



next we headed to  Alamo Candy Co.

hubby has an affinity for chinese candy– which ironically is a mexican thing we think?

anyway, it’s not easy to find locally so when he found this place- he got a little excited.



my little suburban, uncultured child….picked a crayola candy cane LOL


meanwhile i should’ve kept a better eye on this one.

back home to our sweet baby.

back home in time for christmas cookies and christmas eve

no place like home on christmas eve


always mind boggling how the older my son gets

the smaller the pile under the tree gets….

the gifts get smaller and way more expensive.

makes no sense.

very proud of myself for not trying to do designer paper/ribbon/etc. this year.

and guess what? we survived.

one of his fav gifts….

something to commemorate our most amazing trip to NYC for his birthday

(for which i’ve yet to blog about!)

just love how they get older and want clothing!

WOOT WOOT for mama!

can’t wait to work school clothes into next year’s birthday which is conveniently near the start of school


no this was his fav gift….we’ve played this 100 times since xmas

and we love it! it’s a shorter more exciting version of monopoly.

more NY memorabilia 

the hugs.

hubby gives the best hugs.

and he lets me dress him in silly holiday shirts.

lurkers waiting for our traditional eggnog/tamale breakfast from

my fav tamale maker in san antonio my sister in law!

another first.

after 22 years of making christmas dinner

i ordered it from a local restaurant.


to be fair it wasn’t just any restaurant…it was Black’s Market Table in Cypress

which is basically gourmet/foodie heaven.

i thought it would be “ok” but my expectations were greatly exceeded.

everything  was fresh and flavorful and SUPER fabulous.

just pop it in the oven and you’re done.

i stayed in my pi’s and just enjoyed the day from the couch.

and we survived and we loved it.

over the rainbow

sometimes life happens

and we must forge ahead through the storm.

sometimes we do this LITERALLY through the storm.

 I had  a lot of time to reflect one day in October as I drove

to Galveston for a session with 2 of my most adorable, darling clients.

I drove thru every kind of rain possible.

drizzle, dark thunderstorms, sun with beautiful light shining through and

finally a grand spectacle of rainbows and a stunning sunset.

I refused to give way to mother nature’s drama.

because plans had been made…

dreamy outfits bought months ahead.

a trip made weeks before  scouting the perfect location.

we had cancelled the week before because of a hurricane passing thru the gulf

(hey I’m stubborn but not crazy).

our rain check became exactly that– RAIN.

And yet even with all that planing and chaos

there was beauty to be found and seen.

But like anything else in life, these two girls have eachother

to hold close and hold dear.

In this case, losing their grandfather just the day before.

As hard as it is to lose any family member, it takes a toll to lose the ones

that are so part of our lives.

Of the girls’  3 parties I’ve photographed – their grandparents have always been there

which always made me smile.


but like any loving grandparent of course he’d want the girls to go on with their sweet photos.

so we did and his memory was honored even in our little cute shoot.

and so what do we do when we lose someone we love dearly?

we forge on in their memory as they wish us to.

we dance in the waves.

and we hug.

we smile & we find a way to laugh.

we look darling.

we pose.

we smile with a tender heart.

we light up thinking of how mommy will love these photos.

we shine.

we glow from the inside out. and we make it thru the storm.



we remember and we honor.


and though we selfishly want to keep our loved ones tucked into under our

wings forever….sometimes storms come and God’s plans makes way.

So proud of their Dad for being such a hero and marching forward — bobby pins and hair accessories in tow.

and OH was I so proud of these girls getting through the session!

Not old enough to make sense of life but old enough to feel it’s woes.

In the end, just LOOK what became of our stormy day!

You cannot see this and deny  God’s mercy…their grandfather’s love shining through.

We must try see the beauty even in the hard times…

the silver lining.

we hurt because we love.

if there were no love, our losses wouldn’t be counted.

Somehow, I find a tremendous amount of solitude and beauty in that fact.

After the storm, that rainbow is a promise.

A promise of love everlasting.


My most heartfelt condolences to your family Ned & Marci




Shot near the week of Thanksgiving but not shared till now to give my holiday peeps a chance

to get their cards out…

i can find no better time than to talk

about gratitude.

and b/c I’m in holiday session mode i thought i’d focus on the children.

an open letter to the oliverson children:

i’ll start this story with “once upon a time” b/c your life is truly in the likes of a fairy tale.

once upon a time, i was leaving the dentist midday and answered a call from your mom.

she was calling to inquire about photos of her 2 preschool boys and newborn daughter.

although her voice not loud, i could hear the love and understood the importance

she placed on needing to capture the fleeting moment of your childhood.

i remember thinking what a nice person she sounded like and looked forward to our session.

little did i know this would be the first of many, many sessions, many good times, many memories.

i won’t lie.

our first sessions were not the easiest.

3 children under 5 isn’t easy for most photographers.

but time after time, you came to know me and me you.

and now years later, i look back at SO many adventures!

we’ve been to tomball, downtown houston, round top, so many places and so many looks.

and you have NEVER disappointed.

All 3 of you always turn on the charm and give me your best.

ok so sometimes it involved a bribe or 2 but you’ve given your mom — that lady who

was so concerned with recording the beauty of your sweet little faces–

 many years of  beautiful memories frozen forever in time and for your families to enjoy one day.

I know you’re not old enough to understand what that means right now

but it doesn’t matter b/c you will and it will make your heart to grateful

for these wonderful parents who cherished with you.

i hope i know you forever but if i don’t i  hope you come look for me one day

so i can tell it to you again.

so from that lady behind the camera, who tells bad jokes, makes funny faces,

and acts a little crazy once a year….THANK YOU!

love, mrs. april

our annual mommy & daddy kiss

is it normal that these pics of Emma make me want to cry?

i guess it’s ok since i’ve been photo’ing her since she was 8 months.

so much poise and sweetness and still so young.

i can actually see her as Miss Texas one day.

he tries to act like he doesn’t like me taking his pictures sometimes.

little does he know it’s exactly what i love about him.

i know you’re getting older Aiden, but you can still pull off being adorable when you want to.

that’s some potent stuff.


hanging with dad being cool.

boys will be boys

Perfect setting and flag for this Texas loving family.

Dr. Tom’s soapbox generously made by a friend.

these two. always take such  genuine pics together.

make my job easy!

don’t know how she just woke up one day and knew how to be a model all of a sudden.

texas tough

Aiden, Logan, & Emma

you’ve done a wonderful job providing your mom & dad

with so many beautiful smiles and memories.

i can’t wait for you to grow up so you can cherish these too!




Don’t know when it happened

but this little family of 4 then 5 became one of my fav families.

Four years have FLOWN – SPEED OF LIGHT FAST – BY.

it’s actually a little unsettling.

anyway, here we are at our 4th year of xmas photos.

this time at their new home in beach city.

on an absolutely gorgeous December afternoon,

i hopped in my car and headed East.


The Larkey family moved this summer for work

and time and love.

An hour in and it’s easy to see why it was a FANTASTIC move.


roads with hay bales and sweet old guys waving at you.


took along my assistant.

perks of the job you could say.

more perks….CUTE KIDS!

so we’re walking out the HUGE screened in porch…

and i see THIS and yell STOP!

thankfully i didn’t traumatize sweet girl.

4 years and she’s probably used to my insanity.

BUT very well worth it i’d say!

Angie texted me this when she saw it:

“Everything about that picture is a piece of me! All my life I’ve dreamed of a screened in patio, having a beautiful little girl, the little church for my love of Christ, the pretty flowers and the sillouette of the big tree! The afghan…like my grandmother’s. I absolutely love everything about it!”

See why it’s so easy to love these people?!

so we started our little green-acre shoot at home…

someone had other ideas…

but he’s got a cookies and smart mama so we still made it happen.

there’s that beautiful blanket again!

brought to you by my friends at Junk Gypsy who are soooo FABULOUS!

got this to me in the middle of the xmas rush and it just made our shoot.

Angie and I spent a couple days drooling over it!


he says he’s single girls…but i don’t believe that.

then there was THIS!


They didn’t even know i was taking pictures b/c i didn’t want to ruin this real moment.

in fact, Angie went inside for a minute and i don’t think she even saw this happen.

big brother showing baby boy how to play football with dad.

OUCH my heart!

then there’s that blanket again….

the beauty of photographing at your home….kids can play while i snatch mom & dad aside for a couple snaps.

a fort AND a swing?! WHAT!?

that alone is worth leaving the city for.

seriously though— i told you we were obsessed wight this gorgeous blanket.


this is why you should do at least ONE session in your lifetime at

home with your family.

yes, you’ll love all the family photos when the kids are all grown up and

moved away.

but when it’s all said and done

there’s no place like home.