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    *DREAMS: well it's happened. it's finally happened. the biggest thing to happen to April Pizana Photography is in the works. Like sign a contract and can't talk about it happen! It'll be till next Spring that I can talk about it but know that just the thought of it makes my heart skip a beat!

    *XMAS: sessions in effect....doing things a little diffy this year and later in the season too. LOTS of fun to post later when i take a break....i can dream right?

    *BOOT SCOOTIN: just shot the Junk Gypsy line of Lane Boots coming to you January 2016. 2 days of rust, dust, fringe, and boot scootin with the talented styling of the Sikes sisters aka Junk Gypsy and gorgeous models! The boots....hope you have a handkerchief in your pocket b/c you WILL need it for all the drool!

    *Peronal: so yeah we went to DC and then NYC past couple months for amazing-worldy good fun. No time for blogging though (to my poor son's dismay). Hope i can share that soonish!

    Thanks for keeping up with me! hopefully i can share some super fab pics soon! xoxo



if someone had to compare you to a reality show

which one would you be?

real house wives of whatever?


big brother?

keeping up with the kardashians?

for my friend Deanna i would say the kardashians.

ok maybe i should say a MODIFIED version of the kardashians!

ONLY the good stuff.

queens of selfies, lip gloss, cute clothes, looking “gorge” and having fun with the “fam”

(channeling my inner kim)….

im not sure I’m even hip enough to be taking their photo.

a family with stunning girls and a handsome son too…

everybody has a keen sense of fashion

tunning girls and a handsome son too…


everyone is always photogenic and photo-ready!

good hair is a must

always dressed in the latest style

there will be a lucky girl who wins this boy’s heart one day.

not only are mom and dad awesome, but 3 big sisters to spread the love!

trendsetters really

but still with a sense of humor

so here’s where they part ways with hollywood…

the love.

this is a sweet family with a special bond.

true mom and dad are power houses professionals

but family is always number one for this crew and it shows.

they hold it all together and look GORGEOUS doing it.

this guy’ claims’ he’s not always good at taking his picture…don’t know if i can believe that.

and the bold and beautiful mom behind it all!

My friend Deanna!

She loves her superwoman cape and wears it to a tee….

gorgeous exec by day, fabulous photographer by night,

mom & wife all the time, and sweet friend in between.

Y’all are such a fun family Verebs!

Stars with glitz and glamor….

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!




i’d like think i am a connoisseur of good “junk”.

i’ve been photographing antiques, handmades, home goods, etc… for 5 years now

and i’ve seen the good, the not-so-good, and the amazing!

So you’ll just have to trust me look at the photos from my latest venture

coming to you from The Rusted Gingham Barn Sale in Gonzales, Texas.

There’s a great story just with that in itself.

Gonzales is the infamous town where the “Come and Take It” flag was born

the the fate of Texans was changed forever.


graphic from  Devin Cook/wiki

My greatX4 grandfather Erastus Deaf Smith (who would play a vital role in the capture of Santa Anna)

settled Gonzales with 4 other men in the 1800’s.

But that’s a history lesson for another day.

Back to the Barn!

So Rusted Gingham is headed by a beautiful and sweet-as-Texas-tea gal

named Suzanne Sexton.

I met Suzanne couple years ago at a Junk Gypsy Prom and Im so glad I did.

A God-loving, uber creative, family grounded kind of woman,

someone who has an eye for art and a soul to appreciate it.

This is the fundamental reason I believe the

Rusted Gingham Barn Sale is so special…more on that after these cute pics of Suzanne and her family.

It’s clear to see how important family is to Suzanne.

This is a family show in every way!

And girl power right along with that…

3 Generations of beautiful women who’ve got-r-done, gettin-r-done, and gonna-get-r-done!

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

You have to understand.

There are all kinds of people selling all kinds of things

at all times around the parts of the world.

Some that leave you feeling disappointed.

Made in china crud, not very well made stuff, same ole’ thing stuff….

But this sale is NOT one of those places.

I could see & feel it  the moment i got out of my car and walked up to the door.


this was not a staged photo.

I actually walked up to this happening right in front of the door.

2 little cowboys and an a&m football player…

sittin’ in the back of an old ford….

with pumpkins.

and hay.

a photographer’s dream no doubt but even more than that in that

it was wholesome and sweet.

no iPhones or iPads anywhere nearby.

just 2 cowboys kicking their boots against each other and one football player

playing with his helmet and saying something funny.

this is what used to be right with the world.

kids playing. learning entrepreneurship. helping out when they can.

learning responsibility. sitting and enjoying the day.

that and they had george strait pumping thru the barn which

automatically makes it a fabulous sale.

so it’s no wonder a line began forming 30 min before the sale

even opened. People in these parts know what a treasure this is.

this IS your grandma’s sale – and you better believe the early bird gets the junk!

they don’t make them like this much more.

Next up was the “CLASS OF 2015” vendors of the show for their class picture.

This brave lady up on a ladder to shoot it.



This is what I’m talking about.

this is proof of what I’m talking about.

this is real life happening to real people. REAL people.

taking time for a prayer before the masses were set to arrive.

i loved this.


this too.

didn’t get a chance to actually SEE the performers but i sure did enjoy hearing them all afternoon.

especially hearing “go tell it on the mountain”.

these are the songs i was raised on.

the songs you don’t hear in public anymore (unless  you’re in church)

because it’s not deemed politically to listen to music about praising Jesus.

But you can listen to songs about shaking your twerk in public?

i had a moment hearing that. the hairs on my neck stood up.

the calm before the storm.

all kinds of food delights.

here Suzanne’s son and his cute little stand with his Aunt.


also, home made chili and tamales –

the food of our ancestors and hardy and served up by local Aggies.

rows upon rows of antiques, repurposed, recycled, upcycled, bicycled…you name it…

everything good with much more life in it and ready to be loved by me and you.

as if running this show isn’t enough…

these are suzanne’s cookies! a true renaissance girl with boots on!

those aprons!

the tomato shed

what a great name with a great look!

this booth was an example of what i mean when i say it was a fantastic show.

a  mix of old and new….super creative pieces that you don’t see at every hobby lobby.


something for your fur babies…

can’t forget something for the runway

and bits and baubles 

eye candy 

it was really hard to walk away from these. and of course i regret it NOW!

god bless america. god bless the junkers.

funky & chic.

one of a kind pieces.


more handmade goodies

no literally– HAND MADE — and right on the spot!

Some Round Top alumni!

Linda from Texas Trash & Treasures and Tara from Royer’s Cafe.

Linda & Richard’s fabulous booth. I can spot it anywhere…

the people with the stuff that makes you happy. makes you smile.

the stuff you need to look at every day in your house to get you thru another day.

that one.


and pies for everyone!  unfortunately i had some technical difficulties so i didn’t get to

share the Royer’s Pie Haven booth. But just look at this and KNOW everything was DEE-LISH!



whoever got those white bowls in the middle…

you have my envy:)

so sad these candy canes so pretty won’t be in my front yard this xmas.

gorgeous snowflakes…whatever lucky girl got those…

bling it up!

More Round Top alum! Judy Spencer you are an artist!

a vendor who looks like she’s straight out of a Titanic photograph!

sweet babies of RG Barn….raising them right!

strollers are VERY helpful especially when you have a sweet little man

on security duty!

the best of anything vintage

this show had all the cuties coming out to shop with mama!

something for EVERYONE! yes that’s a baby goat. so cute!

something I LOVED about this show was that it began right before the sun went down.

the perfect location for  a sale….covered in case of rain or hot sun or cold…and those infamous texas sunsets in sight.

So nice for Texas weather and getting folks a chance to get there.

This really was a great show.

Count yourself LUCKY if you are near it.

I almost retreat blogging about it b/c such a hidden treasure.

Somewhere that time has not caught exactly caught up with.

And it’s not just that.

It’s that and the talent of Suzanne, choosing vendors who come together

and provide ‘just the right thing’ for everyone.

It’s obvious to me that everyone, everything has been picked in a meticulous way

and we – the lovers of junk and antiques and good handmade fair –  are the beneficiaries.

Trust me – not all shows are made equal. I’ve been so disappointed in some – some famous even – shows over the

past years.  So many have given way to commercial, wholesale, nothing really special goods…very disappointing.

This is not the case here.

I absolutely LOVED this show and even though it’s 2 hours from me and a very busy time of year – i can def see myself returning next year!

although i didn’t go home empty-handed…b/c photographer’s lives matter too! 😉